Thank you, Mike Huckabee!

predicted president John McCain and Mike
Yesterday a boldly resisting Mike Huckabee easily won GOP caucuses in Kansas and almost won the Louisiana primary over the Republicans' front-runner Senator John McCain, giving a breath of life to the former Arkansas governor's uphill campaign. Early today, the Republican Party chairman in Washington state declared John McCain the narrow winner of the state's caucuses, AP reported. Even though John McCain is well over halfway toward securing his nomination, Huckabee remains popular with the party's social conservative wing and insisted he would keep on racing.

McCain has earned 719 delegates toward the 1191 needed to bring in the GOP nomination, and political analysts say it will be too difficult for Huckabee to come back and win, since most of the Republican state contests are not winner-take-all anyway. Actually its pretty senseless for Huckabee to stay in the race, and at first sight he may mean harm to my election prediction in favor of John McCain.

But I thank him anyway: Mike Huckabee keeps the Republicans and McCain with him in the daily election news throughout the media, instead of leaving the field all to the Democrats - this is an important service towards general elections. And Huckabee gives as well front-runner John McCain lots of time to not yet announce his secretly chosen running-mate for a while. And so its all good.


Ilana R. said...

However one puts it, Mike Huckabee is a golden boy for many reasons!

Sir Anton Dolin said...

I liked the linked articles above this one a lot more, due to my political taste that is, I guess, and not your personal fault.
Keep em coming!

Anonymous said...

Huckabee did'nt almost win the Louisana primary, he WON the Louisiana primary! There is a movement happening right now in this country that the media is not reporting, but soon they will be forced to.