Tottenham vs West Ham United: Prediction

Bet at HomeEngland, Premier League:
Tottenham HotspurWest Ham United F.C.
(Sat 19 Mar, '11, 13:45)

Bet at Home Soccer Prediction: Tottenham Tottenham played UEFA Champions League at home this week, drawing 0:0 against Milan, while West Ham United should be still unhappy with their last loss in Stoke City. And even though I do admit that manager Harry Redknapp brought new sense to the Hotspurs, I think a more rested West Ham United is too much for them. West Ham United won the last game in their Boleyn Ground stadium. This time it is Avram Grant who leads West Ham as a manager to face Tottenham at White Hart Lane, and Avram has a good record against the Spurs...

Bet at Home Soccer Prediction: West HamWest Ham will be desperate to not get beaten in Tottenham and win some vital point(s) in their battle to escape relegation. After all, their next game will be against the Premier League's current leader, Manchester United.

While Tottenham finished last season in 4th Premier League position, West Ham was 17th, and right now they are in 5th and 18th. So however the bookmakers came up with odds as big as 6.25 on West Ham, despite West Ham's last wins against Tottenham and all, I can't follow. But I can bet against it and predict West Ham United F.C. to win a draw (odds up to 4.00), goalless - good luck to all!

Bet at HomeTottenh. 0:0 West Ham


With Nostradamus against Obama

First a short reminder: This blog is based on my very own and early presidential prediction alone, finally published on January 15th, 2008. I found out only later that Nostradamus had a simular prophecy, worth being mentioned since nobody seemed to know about it.


Slowly but surely "rock star" Barack Obama's lipstick
is coming off with every bad decision, and by now even
his vice president candidate Senator Joe Biden had to
admit: »Mrs Clinton would've been the better pig pick.«

In medias res: I see the race tight right now, never mind the polls. And I see Senator John McCain taking over on Election Day, if not before. The economic situation will not allow a Barack Obama to be voted for, by senior citizens especially, and just like I predicted it during the primaries John McCain will win Florida again.

Have fun closing the gap: Love the action!

While even the new Gallup poll shows John McCain gaining ground, Rasmussen's daily presidential tracking poll gives Barack Obama now a melting nationwide lead of only 3%, and tomorrow and the days after it should be even less.

We saw John McCain suddenly losing in polls when the economic crisis occured, before he was doing just fine. No wonder since people blamed the Republicans in a first and angry reaction. But by now they have started thinking and will recognize Barack Obama as the bigger risk. »Spreading the worth«? Raising taxes on large corporations? What that would really be like? Simply backfiring: Those who got the money won't put it into the market but take it out to avoid paying higher taxes - bad for everybody. The fear factor is going to shift in favor of John McCain among undecided voters soon, he'll be more trusted in financial matters. Pennsylvania, Virginia, Ohio, Florida? At least three of them are to be won by John McCain.

People do understand that Barack Obama can't deliver on his promises, and the closer Election Day comes the more crazy his promises get. By now he can't even get his promises straight anymore, they change by the hour and don't match with what his buddy Joe Biden says. Barack Obama has nothing in his tank to make a strong finish except all the money he spends like crazy, not without criticizing Sarah Palin for being dressed up in this hard economic times. He and his spent $600 millions totally underestimate the undecided voters!

Senator Barack Obama wants people to help him with their votes. He begs for it. But when these same people needed his help and vote he didn't deliver any service, as reminded by Hillary Clinton during a televised debate: »In the Illinois state Senate, Senator Obama voted 130 times 'present'. That's not yes, that's not no. That's maybe.« That's like not taking part in the upcoming election at all. Let him therefore be punished by a too low voters turnout!

Last not least there is yet another minus for Barack Obama when it comes to the important national security: The American military doesn't trust the wannabe Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces. Instead active duty members are by 63% for John McCain. This sends a clear signal to voters aware of it, as Barack Obama wants to pull U.S. troops out of Iraq, whether they like it or not.

I'm still placing bets on my predicted candidate. Las Vegas presidential odds are up since quite a while: 6.00! And yes, I know that the Irish bookmaker Paddy Power paid out early all bets on Barack Obama as they figured after the last presidential debate already the race to be over. But they have been wrong before when they also paid out early on a EU Referendum Vote about the Lisbon Treaty. No further comment.