Presidential predictions: Obama!?

Let's have a look how my and Nostradamus's presidential prediction for 2008 is backed up lately by the behaviour of the two standing opponents: While John McCain knows to positively surprise and serve his supporters, the bookmakers' favorite Barack Obama is not shy to distance himself with arrogance from potential voters, I'd say.

The Republican presidential candidate did everybody a favor by chosing Sarah Palin as his running mate; a generous move which will pay back just in time. The Democrat for his part left Hillary Clinton and her crowds out, not even commenting on his fatal decision. Is it really a wonder that a person like Lynn Forester de Rothschild turns to John McCain, calling Barack Obama an elitist whom she does not like?

Clinton Hillraisers: »Frankly, we don't like Obama!«

Let me prepare you for the following: More people like Lynn Forester de Rothschild will endorse John McCain for President in the next days and weeks - because a clear difference in characters between the presidential candidates is getting too obvious...

John McCain truely seems to be in politics and campaign for the reason to serve, help and protect, and no American is going to hate him for that. In the same time his younger rival loses more and more contact with reality and people, that's the overall impression. Obama loves to think that he is the great new leader the world has been waiting for. And he has proven enough arrogance to throw a Hillary Clinton overboard without listening to the huge crowd of her supporters.

The fact that Obama is also not ready to admit mistakes (like his bad judgement on the Iraq surge, e.g.) doesn't make him a person of political trust and change, but a less likeable guy, as he continues to present himself as a man of no good principles. You see, the more people told him that he is the coming messiah of politics the more he tries to present himself like one. The more people told him that he is handsome the more he tries to look like it...

»I'm not too skinny?«
To me it seems like this guy is going further down with every clap on his shoulder, isn't he?! And yes, at the end of each day he looks more like a vain elitist and career driven media clown in fancy suits, but not as the worrying politician who is going to change the world for the better while protecting the middle class, fighting corruption and so on.

Going with Nostradamus: Despite all current polls and odds, which seem to fancy Barack Obama as the next president, on the long way to 4th of November 2008 his tank will be empty soon and his bad political calculations will lose fans where no taxes can be risen in the next future due to the current financial fallout, thanks to Wall Street.
At the very end we will see between romantics and pseudo-romantics a low turnout of Obama voters and the American President 2008 will be John McCain.

Obama and McCain tied: 48% for each, says Rasmussen

Nostradamus' latest candidates: Obama and McCain

Three days before the presidential debates are going in a long awaited first round the scenario of election polls couldn't be more undecided: The Rasmussen Report has both candidates tied up, »Barack Obama attracts 48% of the vote and so does John McCain«.

So where did Obama's lead go? Why is he losing ground? Maybe because the last president the American people want right now is one who is going to raise taxes, while Las Vegas presidential betting odds stay just the same? With the presidential debates scheduled to start on Friday night (watch out for biased moderators!) we should soon see some more serious trends in polls. Indeed these debates with the economy as the top issue will have a significant importance since the presidential election race is so tied. Predicting with Nostradamus I'd say that the elder and more experienced one is going to become the polls' favorite over the weekend...

Obama's comeback in recent polls: A short story?

Obama blacked out

A nationwide election poll out yesterday showed presidential candidate Barack Obama with a 5-point lead over Republican John McCain, a reversal from polls before the Wall Street economic crisis hit. If at the end of the blackest Wall Street week since the Great Depression of 1929 Democrat Obama comes out as the only winner of that all then how fragile must his current lead be? Especially since the U.S. government seems to have ended the crises while showing a solution and great leadership in this one...

Today stocks jump higher as the Bush government takes steps to rescue America's economy: The German Stock Index (DAX) climbed up Friday afternoon by 4.8 percent to 6142 points, in London, there was an increase of 7 percent, the Swiss benchmark presented more than 5 percent, the Shanghai stock market experienced the largest price increase in its history and the Dow Jones index is at the start of trading in New York by 400 points after the U.S. government announced a rescue plan for ailing banks. Isn't the economic crisis over?

Democrats' presidential campaign seem to have a totally other view on reality and come out with a new Barack Obama ad:

Sure, the financial fallout could cost American taxpayers around a trillion Dollar, according to U.S. Senator Richard Shelby's prediction, where »lesser evil« was chosen because further delay and a worsening of the crisis could be even more expensive. But what if the economic crises is over as such? What if the U.S. government has actually done a good job? Wouldn't that backfire, Mr Barack Obama - and so what would you right now wish for economically?

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Betting Odds for Presidential Elections 2008 Falling

My last bet on McCain winning the U.S. Presidential Election 2008 was placed when odds where up at 3.70 - ever since then odds are falling, Obama could soon become the underdog.Obama angry

As we see Barack Obama making some bad decisions (pastor, running-mate, etc.) the polls and odds continue to move to John McCain's favor. For now we already get Las Vegas bookmakers odds of 1.73 for Obama, which is an absolute high as an absolute low for him. McCain at the same time could still double one's money, with odds of 2.00 today.

As much as this is no political blog, it is still all about making money online and I can't complain.

Obama in the news:
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Nostradamus about McCain against Obama: The elder one to be trusted

See, when Barack Obama was up in the polls he only knew to soon lose all his advantage. When John McCain was down he knew to win anyway, by creativity and some smart moves. That is their proven difference in experience. And it is exactly what Nostradamus said in his prophecy as people start to trust the more experienced guy: »The least part doubtful for the elder one« means within the prediction that the majority won't trust the young and inexperienced.

Even the bookmakers have to rethink towards reality as odds go down: McCain 2.20, Obama 1.61 now.

Nostradamus predicted McCain & CoTo chose Sarah Palin was probably not the last genius strike John McCain will have to offer within those last sixty days of his campaign, a fact that marks him as the responsible leader who doesn't care too much about his ego where a more common success is needed.

Slowly but surely 'rock star' Barack Obama's lipstick is coming off with every bad decision, and by now even his vice president candidate Joe Biden knows to admit: »Hillary Clinton would've been the better pig pick.«

At the end America will vote for the elder one as predicted by Nostradamus, no doubt about it.