With Nostradamus against Obama

First a short reminder: This blog is based on my very own and early presidential prediction alone, finally published on January 15th, 2008. I found out only later that Nostradamus had a simular prophecy, worth being mentioned since nobody seemed to know about it.


Slowly but surely "rock star" Barack Obama's lipstick
is coming off with every bad decision, and by now even
his vice president candidate Senator Joe Biden had to
admit: »Mrs Clinton would've been the better pig pick.«

In medias res: I see the race tight right now, never mind the polls. And I see Senator John McCain taking over on Election Day, if not before. The economic situation will not allow a Barack Obama to be voted for, by senior citizens especially, and just like I predicted it during the primaries John McCain will win Florida again.

Have fun closing the gap: Love the action!

While even the new Gallup poll shows John McCain gaining ground, Rasmussen's daily presidential tracking poll gives Barack Obama now a melting nationwide lead of only 3%, and tomorrow and the days after it should be even less.

We saw John McCain suddenly losing in polls when the economic crisis occured, before he was doing just fine. No wonder since people blamed the Republicans in a first and angry reaction. But by now they have started thinking and will recognize Barack Obama as the bigger risk. »Spreading the worth«? Raising taxes on large corporations? What that would really be like? Simply backfiring: Those who got the money won't put it into the market but take it out to avoid paying higher taxes - bad for everybody. The fear factor is going to shift in favor of John McCain among undecided voters soon, he'll be more trusted in financial matters. Pennsylvania, Virginia, Ohio, Florida? At least three of them are to be won by John McCain.

People do understand that Barack Obama can't deliver on his promises, and the closer Election Day comes the more crazy his promises get. By now he can't even get his promises straight anymore, they change by the hour and don't match with what his buddy Joe Biden says. Barack Obama has nothing in his tank to make a strong finish except all the money he spends like crazy, not without criticizing Sarah Palin for being dressed up in this hard economic times. He and his spent $600 millions totally underestimate the undecided voters!

Senator Barack Obama wants people to help him with their votes. He begs for it. But when these same people needed his help and vote he didn't deliver any service, as reminded by Hillary Clinton during a televised debate: »In the Illinois state Senate, Senator Obama voted 130 times 'present'. That's not yes, that's not no. That's maybe.« That's like not taking part in the upcoming election at all. Let him therefore be punished by a too low voters turnout!

Last not least there is yet another minus for Barack Obama when it comes to the important national security: The American military doesn't trust the wannabe Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces. Instead active duty members are by 63% for John McCain. This sends a clear signal to voters aware of it, as Barack Obama wants to pull U.S. troops out of Iraq, whether they like it or not.

I'm still placing bets on my predicted candidate. Las Vegas presidential odds are up since quite a while: 6.00! And yes, I know that the Irish bookmaker Paddy Power paid out early all bets on Barack Obama as they figured after the last presidential debate already the race to be over. But they have been wrong before when they also paid out early on a EU Referendum Vote about the Lisbon Treaty. No further comment.

President over Antichrist: Nostradamus predicts McCain over Obama and Mabus

With and despite all political internet rumors whether B. Hussein Obama or his friend Ray Mabus is possibly the third Antichrist, and after an adventurous digression into the world of prophecy between Nostradamus's predictions and the possibility of a first black or female U.S. president in 2008, this weblog has come more and more closer to its ultimate goal in politics: It seems fair to say that John McCain has never before been so close to actually win the 2008 presidential election race, where growing Republican support for him builds up.

As I predicted time ago, the Democrats and their politicians are still far away from having an official nominee (with Hillary doing some serious catch-up 1st week of March, 3 out of 4, just watch it!) and John McCain hasn't yet announced his running mate to be for the general election. And as we watch the Democratic candidates to further weaken each other in their internal warfare, open ends allow John McCain to not name the next U.S. Vice President of his taste.

On the Democratic side there is a possibility of a seemingly strong Obama/Clinton or Clinton/Obama ticket, a no-brainer that only a weird ego can destroy (Obama?); their party will not want to drop either one of them, I guess, never mind who in the end gets the nomination: Barack Hussein Obama can add experience with Bill's Hillary and Hillary's Bill to his account (economy, predictable crash on Wall Street, e.g.) while the Clintons will get Obama's enthusiastic crouds and his fundraising abilities to their common advantage. One way or the other they will be a strong opponent to beat. Maybe too strong - thats why they might never together exist?

For the over all win of the 2008 U.S. Presidency bookmakers have marked Barack Hussein Obama as their favorite in bets, with odds that seem too small to be too good. Like early in the run for the Republican nomination John McCain is the underdog again, and I see great opportunities to earn just another bag of money. Nothing in the latest developements did in any way contradict my prognose, but only strengthened its chances, as I see it.

Nostradamus' presidential prediction '08: McCain to be trusted over Obama

Going back to Nostradamus' presidential prediction where it says »the least part doubtful for the elder one« it leaves only one clue on the table, made out of three matters Nostradamus mentioned (age, trust, win): On Election Day the majority will trust John McCain more than Barack Obama; safety first.

And here we go where even the last Republican campaigner seems finally to understand the inevitable: The last days of the election campaigns are and will be about trust, doubts and fears, I bet. And the less troubled candidate will win: Now everybody looks at Barack Obama as John McCain seems too far behind and out of the picture; but can Obama stand that upcoming scrutiny? Didn't he already have problems and losses because of his poll positions against a Hillary Clinton in the primaries? He usually doesn't do well when people start thinking about who that Barack Obama actually and really is.
After all he might inherit the most difficult presidency America has seen since long, domestically and internationally.

Nostradamus, known for his indirect talk, calls John McCain by his most obvious characteristic, his record-breaking age, while the majority's trust is described as »the least part doubtful«. So taking this presidential prediction we should understand, that Nostradamus not only tells us who will be the coming U.S. president, but also why: Could Barack Obama's associations all go unpunished with him over the finish line? A John McCain with such a social record would've been punched out already long time ago - wouldn't he?! And Barack Obama isn't even straight talking about it...

So what does that mean for the last weeks and days before Election Day 2008? Watch out for ad attacks against too much credit towards Barack Obama, watch lots of ads against a Barack Obama who cannot be trusted, and watch out for a(nother) Nostradamus prediction to come true.

Do some maths:
Obama + Michelle + Wright + Farrakhan + Pfleger + Khalidi + Rezko + Ayers - Hillary + Acorn = U.S. President 2008 and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces?

Las Vegas betting odds are still favoring Barack Obama - no surprise. And sure the polls have Barack Obama in lead by far - coming out of a biased media. And questions are asked if John McCain can still win the presidential election race '08.

But how easy should it indeed be for the Republicans to totally miscredit the Democrats' »new messiah« if John McCain and Sarah Palin really don't want to lose the election?

Have a taste of it already...

Some ads just cost the biggest fan of it:

Thank you, Sarah Palin!

While Joe Biden had to escape into misrepresentations his opponent Governor Sarah Palin surely surprised her worst critics and biggest fans with a superb straight forward performance, bringing my and Nostradamus' presidential prediction a huge step forward: No more edited interviews but a full length debate with a fabolous vice presidential candidate on the Republican side who earned all the respect for re-injecting momentum into John McCain's campaign.

Watch out for coming polls and odds, or even better: Tonight Las Vegas bookmakers still give you odds of 3.00 on a Republican presidential election win - that's so much more value than the stupid 1.33 odds on Obama's ticket; have a bet if you may! Because we have just seen a mind- and gamechanger where Governor Sarah Palin was clearly on message all way long, was articulate, effective, real, sincere and authentic, humorful, generous and most entertaining, while obviously even Joe Biden couldn't help it but find her likeable.

Palin's debateAmerican politics found a new and intelligent superstar with great skills in communications, who took on a very experienced six-term senator, was confident, assertive, well prepared and surely having fun, who was merciless against Barack Obama's arrogant, naive and dangerous policies and who came up tonight with a much better performance than John McCain himself has shown us until now. Congrats and thanks to Sarah Palin for that brilliant debate.

Prediction for U.S. VP Showdown Debate

When tonight at 9pm ET Sarah Palin meets her opponent Joe Biden in their vice presidential debate we'll see two poker players at the table, going head-to-head: She has not too many chips left, he is looking to take the finish in record time. Ask some pros: This might go very wrong for Mr. Joe Biden!

One of the first poker lessons I learnt was that poker is 30% luck, even for a 100% idiot. Next thing I remember is that George W. Bush lost all debates but always won his elections. So how much is there really to beat for Joe Biden? And how easy could he lose all his stake for nothing?

Pew Research CenterWhatever the felt pressure for each of both candidates in tonight's vice presidential debate, it will not be a fair round, cannot be: Because Joe Biden only has to present himself as an acceptable second man to a potential next American leader, but Sarah Palin will have to show that she could be is qualified to serve as U.S. president her very self, thanks to John McCain's assumed low life expectancy. Nothing wrong with that, is it? Is it?

So what is it going to be in a few hours time from now where Nostradamus didn't leave us a direct clue? Joe Biden, the guy with most of the chips in his hands, will lose feathers, and hockey mom Sarah Palin will throw anything and everything on him to win this round by a late knockout - she doesn't have any other chance; and so don't we. May the force be with her!