Conspiracy: Obama, Farrakhan, Black Pope, Mabus, Antichrist and Nostradamus in 2008

Obama and Black Pope?
Radical anti-semists and racist scholars like Al Sharpton and the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan (National Representative of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and The Nation of Islam) are allowed to do what is forbidden to all of us: They can believe in a new Messiah and a hidden islamic agenda when it comes to Obama's run on the White House, and Barack Hussein's pastor Reverend Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr. expresses admiration for them all.

However, we shouldn't and mustn't even try to remember how much is one plus one.

While political correctness doesn't have to be correct per se, I find it quite remarkable, that people like Farrakhan, who lived a long experienced political life, should all over sudden be totally wrong when it comes to their very own subject and candidate Obama. Why should I believe they don't know nothing about the guy they support?

The Nation of Islam under the leadership of their Minister Louis Farrakhan is the catalyst for growth and development of Islam in America. When after some long nights of thinking Farrakhan, the master of his subject, now comes out to endorse Mr. Barack Hussein Obama and »Change!«, then I and his most tasteless followers should trust him to know exactly what he is doing: Taking the presidential candidate's middle name for guaranteed while the rest of the world is ordered to ignore it, eventually better adviced in these post 9/11 times during an ongoing Iraq war.

A win-win situation for a possibly hidden agenda and for Barack (translate: flash of lightning), whose names are so close to Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden as his social connections are not too far away from any understandable suspicions: With Louis Farrakhan there is a clear message out for certain voters and a golden opportunity for Obama to seemingly political correct distance himself from any possible allegations that have been there anyway.

Now, with that said: Is it too much to ask for, to just not be forbidden to recognize the middle name of Barack Hussein Obama as existing? After all, some of his most enthusiastic supporters are very political people and could without mistake know what they do and for sure not mean harm to their own course and followers, don't they?!

As for my prediction, I and Nostradamus have to be happy with the latest developments, which serve as forseen the Republican John McCain more than any Antichrist, where the Democratic candidates and their supporters hurt and embarrass themselves in internal warfare, with the Clintons becoming increasingly less relevant as an upcoming McCain-Obama battle already captures lots of attention. But B. Hussein Obama and H. Clinton have one more round, next Tuesday, before she will have to concede defeat - unless she manages to surprise everyone yet again. To await that gives me some time to reread Nostradamus' predictions about the Black Pope, to find out where Farrakhan fits in.

Republican contender John McCain's campaign team is preparing files with incriminating information about Democratic candidate Barack Obama. McCain's advisers are eagerly looking forward to the great debate between these two candidates, in good hope that we will never have to meet again with that fat man Michael Moore presenting us one day just another homemade picture about conspiracy theories and all kinds of long known connections between a U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama, Minister Louis Farrakhan, the Black Pope, Al Sharpton, Ray Mabus, the Antichrist and Nostradamus or whoever.

John McCain: "It's Israel, stupid!"

John McCain on Thursday at the Conservative Political Action Conference: »Those [Democratic] senators won't recognize and seriously address the threat posed by an Iran with nuclear ambitions to our ally Israel in the region. I intend to make unmistakably clear to Iran we will not permit a government that espouses the destruction of the State of Israel as its fondest wish and pledges undying enmity to the United States to possess the weapons to advance their malevolent ambitions.«

Where a candidate like George W. Bush had to repeat over and over again the names of enemies along a certain axis of evil, Mr. McCain has the pleasure to just name an ally for the same effect, addressing safety and security: Israel. And it is by far not only the Jews who McCain is courting with such gestures.

John McCain predicted PresidentNaming the Iranian threat alone could after all not play too well into McCain's hands, since that might too easily sound like another Iraq war to come - so mentioning Israel instead quite a lot will do the trick, I predict: Not to do anything that might compromise Israel's security will be an often said phrase by McCain and his biggest supporters like Senator Joe Lieberman, worth more than any rhethoric tricks and promises all together, it seems. For McCain Israel will become a most effective tool, leaving the ecomomy to »stupid!« Democrats.

After all John McCain will have to win the trust even of the most conservative Republicans from the right wing of the party, and those he can't impress with pure social matters alone. To perform the long balance act between radicals and moderates among Republicans until November and therefore to win those who don't trust him without losing his strongest support which lays with the less conservatives, McCain shall be well adviced to play the Israel card here wisely, directly and indirectly but a lot, to connect all those he needs. No radical Republican will want to miss the chance to vote in favor of Israel, I'd say - and no moderate has to be ashamed to do just the same.

Already two weeks ago, when asked about his chances of winning the Republican nomination despite polls, odds and his poor relations with evangelical Christians, McCain noted that an influential segment of this community is very committed to Israel, and »obviously I have been a very strong proponent to the State of Israel...«, Israel, Israel, Israel.

And earlier, in the summer: »The State of Israel has never needed your support and your hopes and your prayers they way they need it today,« McCain said. »And God bless you for your commitment.« (At the annual Christians United for Israel Summit in Washington)

Yes, when it comes to Israel (psst: and Iran), Mr. John McCain indeed has an unforgetable fine and conservative record that should do a lot for him now:

Thank you, Mike Huckabee!

predicted president John McCain and Mike
Yesterday a boldly resisting Mike Huckabee easily won GOP caucuses in Kansas and almost won the Louisiana primary over the Republicans' front-runner Senator John McCain, giving a breath of life to the former Arkansas governor's uphill campaign. Early today, the Republican Party chairman in Washington state declared John McCain the narrow winner of the state's caucuses, AP reported. Even though John McCain is well over halfway toward securing his nomination, Huckabee remains popular with the party's social conservative wing and insisted he would keep on racing.

McCain has earned 719 delegates toward the 1191 needed to bring in the GOP nomination, and political analysts say it will be too difficult for Huckabee to come back and win, since most of the Republican state contests are not winner-take-all anyway. Actually its pretty senseless for Huckabee to stay in the race, and at first sight he may mean harm to my election prediction in favor of John McCain.

But I thank him anyway: Mike Huckabee keeps the Republicans and McCain with him in the daily election news throughout the media, instead of leaving the field all to the Democrats - this is an important service towards general elections. And Huckabee gives as well front-runner John McCain lots of time to not yet announce his secretly chosen running-mate for a while. And so its all good.