Overview: U.S. presidential prediction 2008

Now, what does all the before said has to do with me and this weblog? It effects my prediction and did so from the beginning. As I mentioned, I have no political motivation in the whole U.S. presidential election scenario - I won't be voting or running for president anyway. But I do have my desire to continue getting bets alright for sure.

Remember, there was a need for George W. Bush to stay another four years in office last time he won elections. To the surprise of all he decided back then to make Dick Cheney once more his running mate. And even though his chances to win the election in November 2004 were like sero, he managed anyway. Because those behind him succeeded. We all, including the current President himself, know that Mr. Bush's intellectual abilities are somehow very limited, which is most certainly not his personal fault. He alone couldn't even win an election if he was to be the only candidate around, I guess. But those behind him could, they had to and they did it against all odds.

These same people need now a President McCain and a proper Vice President in order to stay protected from criminal court procedures after 2008, where an Obama, the Clintons or even any Republican of not their own (like Huckabee, e.g.) could and would open the whole 9/11 case wide again if by mistake taking over power in the White House.

I trust them to get their job done more than I trust the American voters and that is why I President McCain right away.

So what's next? As for now John McCain can't afford to name his running mate in public, there are righter moments to come. He must win time and first of all much more general support within his own party. He will announce his choice not too soon but more likely as late as possible. And that might take quite a while. Only when there is a point of no return for every Republican he will make his surprising announcement, following a Giuliani-styled advice from 2nd January this year: »A vice president has to be a partner in the administration. The vice president has to know everything that's going on, just in case.«

Other things which play a role in my overall prediction:

The late announcement from John McCain about his running mate is a strategic possibility for him to keep the Republicans in the media instead of leaving it all to the Democrats and their internal warfare over the next months. McCain might even tell that he won't make up his mind until the Democrats have a nominee.

Voter turnout on election day is a key issue and a weak point for Republicans so far; a smart choice of the VP is the greatest chance to bring them out anyway.

If the Democrats bring in any order both Clintons and the highflying Barack Obama plus Ophrah into the general elections, John McCain will have to bring a waterprooved name with him.


Anonymous said...

You have great insight. Vote Huckabee. It can be done. He can win, but he will need huge grassroots support as the insiders are clearly against him.

A. Michael Bussek said...

Sir, I don't vote or run in the US, Sir.
Sir, I live in Israel, Sir.
Good day, Sir!