McCain wins in Florida and...

McCain wins as predicted

Okay, if you watch my blog since a while and as you should, then all this is no news for you now, but lets have it anyway: John McCain defeated as predicted the former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney in a tight Florida battle that gives him critical momentum heading into critical February 5 "Super Tuesday" voting in 21 states with Republican contests. John McCain scored a hard-fought win in Florida's presidential primary on Tuesday, seizing the front-runner's role in a heated Republican race, ending one-time favorite Rudy Giuliani's White House bid.

New lines and bets

  1. Party to win 2008 Presidential Election:

    Democratic Party: 1.48
    Republican Party: 2.60
    Any other party: 26.00

  2. Who will be President 2008?

    Hillary Clinton 2.25
    John McCain 3.25
    Barack Obama 3.50
    Mitt Romney 8.50
    Rudy Giuliani 8.50
    Mike Huckabee 21.00
    John Edwards 26.00
    Michael Bloomberg 31.00
    Ron Paul 81.00

To close with an update I can report that odds for McCain as the Republican Candidate for President 2008 dropped just another little bit, down to 1.74 now. Whoever likes to believe the public and bookmakers may be happy with my prediction so far, but don't forget that my prediction was made way before the primary in South Carolina and before the public finally followed.
Odds for Hillary Clinton as Candidate 2008 are falling as well, now down to 1.45 - but she doesn't matter in my prediction, so lets skip it.
There are still no bets available on who will be the next U.S. Vice President though - way to go, have a nice one!

Nostradamus predicted President John McCain

Nostradamus predictions Obama McCain

Michel Nostradamus prophecies of next U.S. Presidents are always a happening after every new elected candidate, since people only then find truth in the master's well known predictions. Lets have an earlier look already during the race at what is said about the winner of the United States Presidential Election 2008, between Obama and McCain:

  • »Par detracteur calumni√© √† puis nay.
    Quand istront faicts enormes & martiaux:
    La moindre part dubieuse à l'aisnay,
    Et tost au regne seront faicts partiaux

    (Nostradamus, Century 6 Quatrain 95)

  • »By the detractor calumny (lodged) against
    the younger born. When enormous and warlike
    deeds will go on: The least part doubtful for
    the elder one, and soon in the kingdom
    there will be patrician deeds.
    « (Translation)

My personal interpretation of Nostradamus' prophecy:
»The least part«, the minority, isn't »for the elder one«, while John McCain would be the oldest American President yet, the oldest there has ever been and so the majority will support him to win the elections in future.
Comparing top candidates in the 2008 U.S. Presidential election race (including primary): John McCain's age is quite an obvious characteristica, just as Hillary has her female status and Obama is black, I guess: The selective strategy should help out here, as (from all what I know) it seems that no candidate than McCain comes closer to Nostradamus' prediction. If Nostradamus in the year 1555 would have referred to Hillary or Obama then his prophecy should say something about »boobs« or »blacks«, if you know what I mean. But all I find characteristically in his lines are words about »the elder« - and McCain would be the oldest person ever to become U.S. President, even older than Reagan was in his first presidential campaign (age of 69 then); that is what got my attention.
Until now there was always truth found by connecting Nostradamus' prophecies directly to the next elected U.S. President, I don't see why this should be allowed to change all over sudden. And as of now, it looks like John McCain will be at least the Republican Nominee. But keep in mind: My prediction is not based on Michel de Nostredame; in fact I found about him only now. However, being backed up by such a great name can't actually hurt, I guess.

Info: Falling Odds

Bookmaker, a long-familiar member of the European Betting Association, came out with these lines, moving towards our prediction a lot, I'd say:

U.S. Elections 2008:
Republican Candidate for President 2008

John McCain 1.80
Mitt Romney 4.00
Rudy Giuliani 5.00
Mike Huckabee 10.00
Ron Paul 36.00
Fred Thompson 51.00

(Closing Date: Jan 29, 2008 07:00 GMT +2)

Against all odds

John McCain predicted US president
CHARLESTON, South Carolina (CNN) -- Senator John McCain of Arizona did win the important South Carolina Republican primary. A big step for the allegedly underdog, another small step in the right direction for our prediction - way to go.

McCain: U.S. President 2008

You did read it here first - didn’t you?!

Presidential prediction: John McCain will win the 2008 U.S. election

Nostradamus predicted McCain U.S. President 2008

John McCain: U.S. President 2008

(predicted by Pres&Coms, preeedict)

The campaigns are already gearing up for the presidential race in the United States in 2008.
Who is going to be the next President? I made my mind up already and bet on my early prediction while quality odds are too high to be let out.

As I'll have an eye on revealed Nostradamus prophecies and Las Vegas betting odds for Barack Obama and John McCain in the ongoing United States presidential election race: This blog has no political motivation whatsoever; indeed I'll be not voting or voted for. It's all and only about presidential predictions and the sake of being right once more: I predict at this very early stage that John McCain will be the next elected U.S. President by late 2008. I have quite a history in prediction making and hence enough confidence for a telling blog like this. While right now there's nobody around with a similar prognose: Watch how my prediction about the next American President develops and works out ...

Contact your trusted bookmaker for value odds, make serious money now, online and in real life. Check out how to make even more money with other predictions, while here is more to come. Or just stay in touch with this blog and its informations to watch how my prediction about the next American President develops and works out.