Tottenham vs Everton: Prediction

England, Premier League:
Tottenham HotspurEverton FC (Sun 30 Nov, '08, 16:00)
Tottenham played UEFA Cup in Holland this week, winning 1:0 against NEC, while Everton should be still unhappy with their last loss in Wigan. And even though I do admit that manager Harry Redknapp brought new sense to the Hotspurs, I think a rested and angry Everton is too much for them. One shouldn't forget that Everton won the last two games at the White Hart Lane stadium, with two goals advantage in both of them (2:0, 3:1), and on Sunday they will win this one, too - even though not in handicap -1.
Everton's away team has a positive goal statistic in the English Premier League so far this season, 1.714:1.429. This is by all means nothing one should ignore, as it is even better than Tottenham's 1:0.857 at home. And I also take into consideration that the Spurs are missing their injured defender trio Vedran Corluka, Ledley King and Alan Hutton.
While Tottenham finished last season in 11th Premier League position, Everton was 5th, and right now they are in 16th and 7th. So however the bookmakers came up with odds of 4.00 on Everton, despite Everton's last wins in Tottenham and all, I can't follow. But I can bet against it and predict Everton to win.

GBP 20 free bet at!Tottenham 0:1 Everton


Portsmouth vs Blackburn: Prediction

England, Premier League:
Portsmouth FCBlackburn Rovers (Sun 30 Nov, '08, 16:00)

Blackburn is going to win this one, and current odds around 4.00 are just too good to be missed - they'll sure drop towards the game.

Last season we saw Blackburn one place above Portsmouth at 7th position in England's Premier League, now they are down in 19th position while Portsmouth is still on 8th. But things are going to change...

This Sunday the Rovers travel south to Portsmouth after they got beaten in Tottenham. But what a game it was: Blackburn played beautiful soccer, I'd say, there was some great action. Tottenham got lucky to get away with a 1:0 win, while Blackburn played from 39th minute on with just 10 men, since defender Martin Olsson was sent off. However, they had some nice chances and never gave up. Blackburn manager Paul Ince after the match: »We played some good stuff against a very good Tottenham side at their ground and we silenced their crowd for most of the game. The effort put in was unbelievable, the performance was outstanding. I thought we were going to salvage something. Had the ball been in the right place we would have got a point.« Well, well...

Portsmouth will come into the game after an UEFA Cup match against AC Milan and they will have to play Germany's VfL Wolfsburg soon after on December 4th in that very same European Cup contest. I can't imagine them concentrating everything against Blackburn. Additional to other injured players their leading striker will be out for some time, as it seems: 26-year-old Jermain Defoe (7 goals) might need surgery as his calf injury got worse. Without him Peter Crouch might look just too lonely up front.

Blackburn will know their chances, as they did in the last two games when playing in Portsmouth: They won both.
The Rovers will have to play next in Manchester against United (League Cup) and afterwards against Liverpool (Premier League) at home, and so I await them to perform well against Portsmouth.
Especially Roque Santa Cruz should be good enough for a goal, if not for two.

I will have more detailed team news here later - but the Blackburn Rovers stay most definitely to be the bet in this one against Portsmouth, for value odds.

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Portsmouth's striker Jermain Defoe and midfielder Niko Kranjcar have shaken off calf and ankle injuries respectively and are back in contention for Portsmouth. Skipper Sol Campbell (toe) is likely to miss out again, as is Kanu who picked up a groin injury in the 2-2 draw with AC Milan, but David Nugent returns.
Blackburn's Martin Olsson is suspended but Stephen Warnock has served a ban and will slot in at left-back.
Vince Grella is likely to remain sidelined with a calf problem.
Source: BBC Sports

RESULT: Portsmouth 3:2 Blackburn

Las Vegas predicts McCain over Obama - The House never loses

Trap: Las Vegas bookmakers have never heard and cared much about Michel de Nostradamus or read my blog, one might think while watching current presidential odds - Barack Obama is the favorite with a 1.57 leading before John McCain's 2.35 right now...

Nostradamus Obama McCain
Public bets lose more money than the house: These bookmakers know very well what they're doing and all what their odds can tell us is that they themselves bet on John McCain. Whenever there are any good news for Obama, in politics and polls or just on all Liberals' Huffington Post, Las Vegas odds drop dramatically towards his presidential election win. But when McCain comes out good after a hard day for Obama the same bookmakers seem to have problems to correct betting odds towards reality. Believe it or not: Good old Las Vegas is betting heavily on John McCain to become the next U.S. president!

Election Poll: McCain leads Obama

McCain ticket wins electionsSenator John S. McCain made an obvious step in the right direction to become the 44th president of the United States and win my bets: The newest USA Today Gallup Poll has him with the momentum from the Republican Party's national convention with 50% in front of Barack Obama's 46% among registered voters.

Does the Republican vice president candidate Sarah Palin (44) win all sympathies? It seems so: In the past week McCain was in another Gallup poll still seven points behind his rival, despite all Nostradamus prophecies. The political scientist Larry Sabato of the University of Virginia called the Republican Party convention a great success, the nomination of Sarah Palin as vice president candidate made a »big difference«. According to the survey 29% of respondents said they would rather vote for McCain in the presidential election on 4th of November because of Sarah Palin; on the other hand only 21% wanted to rethink their support for McCain because of the female governor of Alaska.

In other news:

Oprah Winfrey will not interview Sarah Palin. How biased is that while Obama was a guest in the show twice (until now)?
The New York Post endorses Senator John McCain, while during the primaries that paper supported Obama.
Las Vegas betting odds finally show some change towards reality: Barack Obama 1.57, John McCain 2.30 now.

Against all odds: Obama's brother closer to reality

He lives on less than one dollar a month: Obama's brother George identified in the slums of Nairobi

He is living in a hut. He has a brother who might soon be perhaps (and against my prediction) the most powerful man in the world, moving into the White House...

Obama's brother George
George Onyango Hussein Obama (26) is half brother of Barack Obama (47), the presidential candidate of the U.S. Democrats.

Reporters of the Italian edition of the magazine "Vanity Fair" have found George Obama: He lives in a rundown suburb of Kenya's capital Nairobi, in a hut of two by three meters. On the walls to see are posters of Italian football teams AC and Inter Milan, writes "Vanity Fair". And then there is the title of a newspaper picture with the face of his brother Barack...

The two have the same father but different mothers. The father studied in the U.S. state of Hawaii, where Barack was born. After the separation of Barack's mother the father returned to his native Kenya.

George Obama has seen his big brother only twice. The first time when George was five years old, the second time in 2006, as the senator from Illinois toured through East Africa. At that time, they had only a few minutes talking. "It was as if a stranger speaks to me," George recalls.

He keeps his prominent brother as a secret from his friends: "If somebody asks me about my last name, I say that we are not related."

The life of the young man can hardly be more different from that of his American relatives: While the presidential candidate Barack Obama spends hundreds of millions for his presidential campaign, the little brother lives in Africa from less than one dollar per month!

But he now hopes to improve his life and wants to visit a course at a technical university.

So far, the life of George Obama was very hard in Huruma: In the suburb where he lives serious riots broke out during the last presidential elections in Kenya - six of his neighbors were massacred, two friends killed. George: "The police here don't arrest people, but they shoot them dead at the spot."

He has scars all over his body, successfully defending with his fists.

Meanwhile the presidential election campaign thousands of kilometres away in America is always exciting too: Barack Obama and his opponent John McCain are almost equal in the polls right now. According to a survey by the TV channel "CBC News" and the newspaper "New York Times" Obama came to 45 percent, McCain at 42 percent, others have them only one point apart where before two weeks Obama had a six points lead.

Nostradamus predicted Obama: To lose against McCain!

Hillary lost

Now that it seems that Hillary Clinton lost it all, here is a quick reminder of what this blog was all about right from the beginning: Between all prophecies about the next Antichrist and American future presidents, between Mabus and some »angry blacks« there is, as mentioned time ago, one single sentence that brings it all to the point: »The least part [will be] doubtful for the elder one« is by far the most clearest statement made by Nostradamus in favor of John McCain over Barack Obama while predicting the next U.S. president. At the end and when it really matters people will vote for the more experienced and race will (no more) play a too effective role.

Nostradamus predicted McCainHere we go: I just put another bet on John McCain, the elder one of all candidates, while Las Vegas' presidential election betting odds are still pretty value; a current 2.50 for McCain against Obama's 1.57 is just too good to be left out. The same goes for 2008 U.S. election bets on the one party to win: 2.50 for Reps!

Predicted U.S. President John McCain leading

This is what Nostradamus and I had in mind all along when we predicted the underdog to win: After strong victories in Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC, I put together an analysis of the state of the race for the Republican nomination. Including the delegates won last Tuesday, John McCain is now close to securing the number of delegates needed to be the presumptive Republican nominee. In addition, it is now mathematically and politically impossible for Mike Huckabee to win enough delegates to secure the Republican nomination; there simply aren’t enough delegates left at stake for him to win. Take a look at the following chart:

The official McCain message at this point: »We’ve won some exciting contests over the last two months, but the challenge is not over – we must continue to spread John McCain’s conservative message of lowering taxes, strengthening our economy, winning the war in Iraq, and fighting radical Islamic extremists. There is a lot of work ahead.«

Upcoming states:
Wisconsin, Washington, Ohio, Texas, Vermont and Rhode Island.

Newer Post

Earlier Post

Mike Huckabee costs them dearly

Only a few weeks ago Mike Huckabee was the funny religious guy who may well drop out first, surely before McCain who himself then might become Giuliani's Vice President. Now look where we really stand. Shouldn't some analytic journalists be robbed of their pencils and go back to school? They haven't been right in any point they wrote and we read about. Yet they sold their products and made good money anyway. In other industries heads would roll, not so in the media.

So now we're stucked with these commentators, and in addition with Mike Huckabee, for another while.
But what is the big fuss about the Reverand with the lisence to baptize anyone? If in the end he can't do any harm because he really can't win it all, as we're promised, so why the effort to not count what needs to be counted, like in Washington, e.g.?
Why all that downplay Mike Huckabee would just have the time of his life and great fun, but soon he will quit? I don't see the man having too much fun, do you? In fact lately I don't see him laughing at all while he vows to stay »until someone has 1,191 delegates« finally. And how about his campaign who worked for enthusiasm instead of payments - was it all just for temporary fun? Don't they know where the next Disney-World is located?

Whatever it is, John McCain's people are getting nervous, some of them even a lot. And they repeat over and over that Huckabee doesn't have a chance. Well, he doesn't. So why getting nervous anyway?

My guess is that just like Rudy Giuliani the Republican front-runner John McCain is holding back some nice sums of campaign money he doesn't want to spend on upcoming primaries. He is saving up to bring it into the general election race, tens of millions probably all together and legally, as I should point out. And a stubbern Mike Huckabee costs him now dearly, while it is not too easy anymore to just pump in new money. Even a Karl Rove couldn't contribute to McCain more than his $2,300 on the last weekend, which equals the maximum amount an individual is permitted to contribute under Federal Election Commission rules. Just the fact how Karl Rove did donate his obolus right at this time of John McCain's campaign may show where the real problem with Huckabee lays, even before Hillary or/and Obama come into play.

Bush: McCain is a ‘true conservative’

President Bush said today that there is »no doubt« in his mind that presumptive Republican presidential nominee Senator John McCain is a »true conservative.«
»I know his convictions. I know the principles that drive him,« Bush said in an interview with Fox News Sunday, adding, »Look, he’s very strong on national defense. He’s tough fiscally. He believes that tax cuts ought to be permanent. He’s pro-life. I mean… his principles are sound and solid as far as I’m concerned.«

However, Bush acknowledged that the Arizona senator »has got some convincing to do to convince people that he is a solid conservative.« The president, who has not taken sides in the nominating contest, added that he would help John McCain make that case to conservatives, if the senator is chosen to carry the party’s banner.

»Primaries tend to divide up the parties, and there’s a period of time in which the candidate who is in the process of becoming the leader of a party must work to bring as much of the party together as possible,« Bush said. »That’s just the normal course of primary politics.«


Overview: U.S. presidential prediction 2008

Now, what does all the before said has to do with me and this weblog? It effects my prediction and did so from the beginning. As I mentioned, I have no political motivation in the whole U.S. presidential election scenario - I won't be voting or running for president anyway. But I do have my desire to continue getting bets alright for sure.

Remember, there was a need for George W. Bush to stay another four years in office last time he won elections. To the surprise of all he decided back then to make Dick Cheney once more his running mate. And even though his chances to win the election in November 2004 were like sero, he managed anyway. Because those behind him succeeded. We all, including the current President himself, know that Mr. Bush's intellectual abilities are somehow very limited, which is most certainly not his personal fault. He alone couldn't even win an election if he was to be the only candidate around, I guess. But those behind him could, they had to and they did it against all odds.

These same people need now a President McCain and a proper Vice President in order to stay protected from criminal court procedures after 2008, where an Obama, the Clintons or even any Republican of not their own (like Huckabee, e.g.) could and would open the whole 9/11 case wide again if by mistake taking over power in the White House.

I trust them to get their job done more than I trust the American voters and that is why I President McCain right away.

So what's next? As for now John McCain can't afford to name his running mate in public, there are righter moments to come. He must win time and first of all much more general support within his own party. He will announce his choice not too soon but more likely as late as possible. And that might take quite a while. Only when there is a point of no return for every Republican he will make his surprising announcement, following a Giuliani-styled advice from 2nd January this year: »A vice president has to be a partner in the administration. The vice president has to know everything that's going on, just in case.«

Other things which play a role in my overall prediction:

The late announcement from John McCain about his running mate is a strategic possibility for him to keep the Republicans in the media instead of leaving it all to the Democrats and their internal warfare over the next months. McCain might even tell that he won't make up his mind until the Democrats have a nominee.

Voter turnout on election day is a key issue and a weak point for Republicans so far; a smart choice of the VP is the greatest chance to bring them out anyway.

If the Democrats bring in any order both Clintons and the highflying Barack Obama plus Ophrah into the general elections, John McCain will have to bring a waterprooved name with him.

Another boost for predicted President McCain

predicted President John McCain
As former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney drops out of the 2008 U.S. presidential election race, »suspending his campaign«, there is no doubt anymore: John McCain is the Republican nominee for the general elections. That finally takes my prediction officially a huge step forward while Hillary Rodman Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama are still out there for a longer qualification fight, internal warfare that is, just to cost each other a few more feathers, I guess... until April.

U.S. Democrats, as enthusiastic as they're campaigning, must be a bit jealous to see the Republicans settle their nomination in unity and early without messing around too much.

shake handsAs for Mitt Romney, who served the best news possible to John McCain, Nostradamus and me today, I must admit he impressed me a lot. Not only as a look-a-like candidate to former U.S. President George H. W. Bush, but also as a politician, a campaigner and the gentleman he is. However, he isn't the predicted and therefore can't be president for now; so sorry. But: I will very much consider him for any future prediction, I might in fact start to design a prediction weblog for him right away, if you excuse me...

With Nostradamus 2008 between predictions and true US Presidents

The front-runners for the general presidential race seem to be elected as predicted, even though the race is far from over yet, thanks to procedures and those who don't want to have it otherwise. Most votes in primaries and caucuses to help select Democratic and Republican nominees for president are in and trends are hard to ignore. Some do so anyway. Winners are afraid to be mistaken somehow and losers too much in desperate hope. But one fact nobody can deny: John McCain is the big winner so far, untouchable I would say. Am I just lucky that Master Nostradamus endorsed my prediction about the next US President just in time, somewhen between 1555 and 2008?
Whatever one thinks about Nostradamus's prophecy I wish he would've tipped us off a bit for a Vice President prediction - but he didn't, not with a single line or word.

Back to Super-Tuesday: Who else was super besides John McCain, Nostradamus and me? The Clintons did their part I guess, not giving me a reason to change yesterday's mind. But not all are so very satisfied with themselves and some of those aren't at all worth to be listened to today, I guess. Take for example Michael Medved's column in USA TODAY, which I just had to skip to not read it all. He started with »The only safe prediction about campaign 2008 is that no prediction is safe« and it didn't sound like the smallest chance for a Happy End; maybe I read it later.
Next I skipped was Lindsey Boerma; she still asks herself who would make the front-runner for the Democrats, just to answer it under her »superprediction«-url with »My opinion? It won’t be Clinton.« Oh well. Let her be right or wrong, who cares - checking with my blog's subject I must admit it is really not of my business, is it?!

So as for now I'm only happy with front-runner John McCain: Elected as predicted, next please! Which brings me back to the Vice President candidates - there are still no bookmakers' odds available when it comes to decent bets on the 2008 US Vice President as good things seem to take their time.

US President predictions and odds

While Rasmussen's poll watch reports data that gives John McCain an 88.7% chance of winning the Republican nomination, leaving Mitt Romney at 9.8%: I have added today a link to this blog about all updated Vice President betting odds for open bets concerning the ongoing 2008 Presidential race in the USA. But I still can't find any bookmaker's offer about VP odds and the next US Vice President to be chosen - there are simply no such bets available yet, despite all existing VP predictions.

EDIT: All updated Vice President Betting Odds

In the same context there aren't many serious predictions around on who will be America's next Vice President. Sure, in some online discussions one can find opinions about who should be McCain's VP (Vice President), but that is actually far away from predicting. Those discussions are of a fairly calm nature, I must say, and often not more than a couple of monologues; to be honest I don't even know most of the named politicians there. However, Condoleeza Rice gets mentioned quite a few times as she would serve women and black voters in one person.
The bookmakers will love her and her vice president odds, I guess: as a trap. I would really like to see some bookmakers' odds by now.

Here we go, bookmakers' odds are finally in; these odds come directly from Las Vegas and certainly will move around a lot in coming days, weeks and months - here is an always updated LINK that keeps live connection to the betting market for 2008 presidential elections in U.S. of America - good luck to all!

McCain wins in Florida and...

McCain wins as predicted

Okay, if you watch my blog since a while and as you should, then all this is no news for you now, but lets have it anyway: John McCain defeated as predicted the former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney in a tight Florida battle that gives him critical momentum heading into critical February 5 "Super Tuesday" voting in 21 states with Republican contests. John McCain scored a hard-fought win in Florida's presidential primary on Tuesday, seizing the front-runner's role in a heated Republican race, ending one-time favorite Rudy Giuliani's White House bid.

New lines and bets

  1. Party to win 2008 Presidential Election:

    Democratic Party: 1.48
    Republican Party: 2.60
    Any other party: 26.00

  2. Who will be President 2008?

    Hillary Clinton 2.25
    John McCain 3.25
    Barack Obama 3.50
    Mitt Romney 8.50
    Rudy Giuliani 8.50
    Mike Huckabee 21.00
    John Edwards 26.00
    Michael Bloomberg 31.00
    Ron Paul 81.00

To close with an update I can report that odds for McCain as the Republican Candidate for President 2008 dropped just another little bit, down to 1.74 now. Whoever likes to believe the public and bookmakers may be happy with my prediction so far, but don't forget that my prediction was made way before the primary in South Carolina and before the public finally followed.
Odds for Hillary Clinton as Candidate 2008 are falling as well, now down to 1.45 - but she doesn't matter in my prediction, so lets skip it.
There are still no bets available on who will be the next U.S. Vice President though - way to go, have a nice one!

Nostradamus predicted President John McCain

Nostradamus predictions Obama McCain

Michel Nostradamus prophecies of next U.S. Presidents are always a happening after every new elected candidate, since people only then find truth in the master's well known predictions. Lets have an earlier look already during the race at what is said about the winner of the United States Presidential Election 2008, between Obama and McCain:

  • »Par detracteur calumni√© √† puis nay.
    Quand istront faicts enormes & martiaux:
    La moindre part dubieuse à l'aisnay,
    Et tost au regne seront faicts partiaux

    (Nostradamus, Century 6 Quatrain 95)

  • »By the detractor calumny (lodged) against
    the younger born. When enormous and warlike
    deeds will go on: The least part doubtful for
    the elder one, and soon in the kingdom
    there will be patrician deeds.
    « (Translation)

My personal interpretation of Nostradamus' prophecy:
»The least part«, the minority, isn't »for the elder one«, while John McCain would be the oldest American President yet, the oldest there has ever been and so the majority will support him to win the elections in future.
Comparing top candidates in the 2008 U.S. Presidential election race (including primary): John McCain's age is quite an obvious characteristica, just as Hillary has her female status and Obama is black, I guess: The selective strategy should help out here, as (from all what I know) it seems that no candidate than McCain comes closer to Nostradamus' prediction. If Nostradamus in the year 1555 would have referred to Hillary or Obama then his prophecy should say something about »boobs« or »blacks«, if you know what I mean. But all I find characteristically in his lines are words about »the elder« - and McCain would be the oldest person ever to become U.S. President, even older than Reagan was in his first presidential campaign (age of 69 then); that is what got my attention.
Until now there was always truth found by connecting Nostradamus' prophecies directly to the next elected U.S. President, I don't see why this should be allowed to change all over sudden. And as of now, it looks like John McCain will be at least the Republican Nominee. But keep in mind: My prediction is not based on Michel de Nostredame; in fact I found about him only now. However, being backed up by such a great name can't actually hurt, I guess.

Info: Falling Odds

Bookmaker, a long-familiar member of the European Betting Association, came out with these lines, moving towards our prediction a lot, I'd say:

U.S. Elections 2008:
Republican Candidate for President 2008

John McCain 1.80
Mitt Romney 4.00
Rudy Giuliani 5.00
Mike Huckabee 10.00
Ron Paul 36.00
Fred Thompson 51.00

(Closing Date: Jan 29, 2008 07:00 GMT +2)

Against all odds

John McCain predicted US president
CHARLESTON, South Carolina (CNN) -- Senator John McCain of Arizona did win the important South Carolina Republican primary. A big step for the allegedly underdog, another small step in the right direction for our prediction - way to go.

McCain: U.S. President 2008

You did read it here first - didn’t you?!

Presidential prediction: John McCain will win the 2008 U.S. election

Nostradamus predicted McCain U.S. President 2008

John McCain: U.S. President 2008

(predicted by Pres&Coms, preeedict)

The campaigns are already gearing up for the presidential race in the United States in 2008.
Who is going to be the next President? I made my mind up already and bet on my early prediction while quality odds are too high to be let out.

As I'll have an eye on revealed Nostradamus prophecies and Las Vegas betting odds for Barack Obama and John McCain in the ongoing United States presidential election race: This blog has no political motivation whatsoever; indeed I'll be not voting or voted for. It's all and only about presidential predictions and the sake of being right once more: I predict at this very early stage that John McCain will be the next elected U.S. President by late 2008. I have quite a history in prediction making and hence enough confidence for a telling blog like this. While right now there's nobody around with a similar prognose: Watch how my prediction about the next American President develops and works out ...

Contact your trusted bookmaker for value odds, make serious money now, online and in real life. Check out how to make even more money with other predictions, while here is more to come. Or just stay in touch with this blog and its informations to watch how my prediction about the next American President develops and works out.