Nostradamus, Obama, McCain and Mabus: A Digression

Search terms Nostradamus, Obama, McCain, Mabus and the antichrist connected do end up in confusing results as there are many rumors and articles out on the internet that have too many sites and sides supported. In this section I shall find time besides from politics for an intentional change of subject: Could it possibly be that Michel de Nostradamus (1503-1566) had a prophecy referring to Barack H. Obama, the junior United States Senator from Illinois and leading candidate for the Democratic nomination in the 2008 U.S. presidential election? Very unlikely, while a direct Nostradamus prophecy mentions John McCain »the elder one«, but: Even though I couldn't find anything specific pointing to Barack Obama himself and his name within Michele de Nostradame's prophecies, there is indeed one political scenario anyway, which somehow could directly connect Nostradamus and Obama through a man named »Mabus«. Note: It is widely believed that Nostradamus calls the third Antichrist to come by the name of Mabus and several projects work more or less hard to find out in time, who that Mabus might be.

Nostradamus Obama McCainThroughout his last 11 years in the 16th century the French mystic and physician Nostradamus created and published 900 verses describing them to be predictions about future events: Nostradamus claimed his visions came to him as moving pictures with colour and sound on the surface of a waterbowl which he used during occult practices. In fear of persecution by church and state, inquisition and torture, Michel de Nostradamus wrote down his experiences in a very own code, a mixture of Old French, Latin, Italian, Greek and provincial dialects, while original names were changed e.g. into a form of anagrams.

In medias res, 2008: Nostradamus wrote about three Antichrists to come. The first two Antichrists he predicted are believed to have been the politicians Napoleon and Hitler. Let us now look at prophecies of Nostradamus's associated with the third Antichrist:

Century II quatrain 62

Mabus will soon die and there will come
A dreadful destruction of people and animals,
Suddenly vengeance will be revealed,
Hundred, hands, thirst and hunger when the comet will pass.

While there are many and wild suggestions available on who might be that Mabus, there is one Mr. Mabus existing in Barack Obama's relations: Raymond Edwin "Ray" Mabus, Jr. (* 11th of October 1948) is an American businessman and political leader from Mississippi, who works on international business matters, is involved in political campaigns, and serves on various corporate and charitable boards. Previously, he served as Governor of Mississippi between 1988 and 1992 as a Democrat and as Ambassador to Saudi Arabia from 1994 to 1996. So Mr. Mabus is not only involved in international business, but in addition he also and frequently assists political campaigns, in Mississippi and nationally: Mr. Mabus endorsed in May 2007 U.S. Senator Barack Hussein Obama for president, and is serving as a senior adviser to the ongoing campaign.

Nostradamus's prophecy speeks about Mabus to "soon die". So what could happen in 2008 to one day make us believe (once more) that things just happened as predicted hundreds of years ago by Nostradamus? An assassination attempt on Barack Obama, in which his bystanding friend Raymond Edwin »Ray« Mabus, Jr. dies nearby and soon, »suddenly vengeance will be revealed« by »the black and angry« - civil war breaks out in America 2008, that would be it.

Century VI quatrain 33

His hand finally through the bloody ALUS,
He will be unable to protect himself by sea,
Between two rivers he will fear the military hand,
The black and angry one will make him repent of it.

Whoever is »he« and behind the assassination attempt, »the black and angry one will make him repent of it« - and it doesn't leave place for Mr. Mabus to be the third Antichrist since he therefore dies too soon.

All I say is: This is a scenario that, if ever happened, will clearly be referred to Nostradamus's prophecy, which on the other hand claims about the next president that U.S. Senator John McCain (born August 29, 1936), the elder one, will win the election in 2008.

According to conspiracy theories and Nostradamus's prophecies all together we should witness this soon in 2008: John McCain and his choice of Vice President must replace George W. Bush and Dick Cheney as U.S. Presidents 2008 in the White House to secure further cover-ups (9/11, etc.) and the course of it all (Iraq, etc.). Since Obama becomes a strong favorite in the polls an assassination attempt is launched in which Obama's friend Mabus dies. The outbreak of civil war threatens America while McCain wins the election anyway, because people don't want to see Obama as a commander in chief. Obama feels cheated, demonstrations throughout the country take place and calls for revolution meet violence, developing into civil war with the army soon stepping in.

The most easiest way to avoid all this would be have been to vote for Hillary Clinton in 2008, I guess - if you don't want too much »change« and all kind of people to even try to assassinate Barack Hussein Obama.

End of digression.