Nostradamus predicted Obama: To lose against McCain!

Hillary lost

Now that it seems that Hillary Clinton lost it all, here is a quick reminder of what this blog was all about right from the beginning: Between all prophecies about the next Antichrist and American future presidents, between Mabus and some »angry blacks« there is, as mentioned time ago, one single sentence that brings it all to the point: »The least part [will be] doubtful for the elder one« is by far the most clearest statement made by Nostradamus in favor of John McCain over Barack Obama while predicting the next U.S. president. At the end and when it really matters people will vote for the more experienced and race will (no more) play a too effective role.

Nostradamus predicted McCainHere we go: I just put another bet on John McCain, the elder one of all candidates, while Las Vegas' presidential election betting odds are still pretty value; a current 2.50 for McCain against Obama's 1.57 is just too good to be left out. The same goes for 2008 U.S. election bets on the one party to win: 2.50 for Reps!

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