Nostradamus predicted President John McCain

Nostradamus predictions Obama McCain

Michel Nostradamus prophecies of next U.S. Presidents are always a happening after every new elected candidate, since people only then find truth in the master's well known predictions. Lets have an earlier look already during the race at what is said about the winner of the United States Presidential Election 2008, between Obama and McCain:

  • »Par detracteur calumni√© √† puis nay.
    Quand istront faicts enormes & martiaux:
    La moindre part dubieuse à l'aisnay,
    Et tost au regne seront faicts partiaux

    (Nostradamus, Century 6 Quatrain 95)

  • »By the detractor calumny (lodged) against
    the younger born. When enormous and warlike
    deeds will go on: The least part doubtful for
    the elder one, and soon in the kingdom
    there will be patrician deeds.
    « (Translation)

My personal interpretation of Nostradamus' prophecy:
»The least part«, the minority, isn't »for the elder one«, while John McCain would be the oldest American President yet, the oldest there has ever been and so the majority will support him to win the elections in future.
Comparing top candidates in the 2008 U.S. Presidential election race (including primary): John McCain's age is quite an obvious characteristica, just as Hillary has her female status and Obama is black, I guess: The selective strategy should help out here, as (from all what I know) it seems that no candidate than McCain comes closer to Nostradamus' prediction. If Nostradamus in the year 1555 would have referred to Hillary or Obama then his prophecy should say something about »boobs« or »blacks«, if you know what I mean. But all I find characteristically in his lines are words about »the elder« - and McCain would be the oldest person ever to become U.S. President, even older than Reagan was in his first presidential campaign (age of 69 then); that is what got my attention.
Until now there was always truth found by connecting Nostradamus' prophecies directly to the next elected U.S. President, I don't see why this should be allowed to change all over sudden. And as of now, it looks like John McCain will be at least the Republican Nominee. But keep in mind: My prediction is not based on Michel de Nostredame; in fact I found about him only now. However, being backed up by such a great name can't actually hurt, I guess.


John M. said...


Sapna said...

What exactly does "The least part doubtful for
the elder one, and soon in the kingdom
there will be patrician deeds." mean?

I'm a die-hard McCain fan. I think the country ought to salute the spirit of this man who refused "out of turn" freedom from the Vietnamese. I wish him luck and hope and pray that he wins.

Lexicaner said...

"The least part doubtful for the elder one" means the smallest part has doubts about McCain, means the majority will have doubts about Obama, means McCain will be elected leaving "the biggest part doubtful for the younger one", Obama.

Anonymous said...

All you guys are saying McCain will win. Well, I had a feeling of something like that too. But wait, that doesn't mean Nostradamos is referring to OBAMA VS McCAIN election.

Sapna said...

Thanks Lexicaner...
Meanwhile, the bloodbath at Wall Street has given Obama a clear lead and most think Obama is best suited to handle the issue of Economy.
I'm surprised that one can go this far with the "gift of the gab". I'm not questioning his contribution as a senator. However, there are many more experienced democrats!
Palin on the other hand isnt all that well read. She clearly loses out in debates and the press eat her alive! Ultimately, the presidential election is reduced to debates..debates..and more debates! Don't you think that's a pretty superficial way to elect candidates for the highest office?

Anonymous said...

i think this is another instance that will prove Nostradamus and his followers wrong, like when he said that world was gonna end and it didn't.

Anonymous said...

The so called "bloodbath on wall street" is a hoax. most of Americans are asleep because your too busy armchair quarterbacking; playing with your electronics computers and cell phones, and then you come alive once every four years for an election, and have useless uninformed opinions on the candidates and partys.
You remind me of idiots who walk around carnivals in bedroom slippers.

The media has been blasting wall street and free market capitalism forever and free market capitalism bothers democrats. That goes without saying: democrats are the enemy of money; finance and success: eg: free market capitalism.

The media is captializing on that using the useful idiot democrats applying the marxist envy approach with racism to democracy to win an it did when Kerry ran, as we know the media was busted then, and Damn rather was exposed and fired for that. its the old divide and conquer tactic of democrats.
Incidentally Hitler won an election on the issues of racism social justice and change.

The media was busted again with Joe the Plumber; where the desperate media went ballistic on and poor innocent Joe experienced an attack so viscious by "compassionate liberals" he was appalled. Thank god he held his ground; and his truth came out: that Obama and the democrats are trickle up poverty specialists.

Now because of the democraps, the govt owns the real estate market,and banking so there is no free market any more: we have become mostly a fascist socailst nation now.
If Obama gets elected know that UN troops will invade our land; and commit the atrocities that they commit on all the other nations that they do now.

Obama is a muslim not a christian and stupit crats who deplore Christians in the whie house based on the faux separation doctrine of liberals, are now saying Obama is a christian not a muslim (lol) idiots.

Any the media is lying all day long about the polls and eszp the AP poll was chastized by zogby who has the race dead even.

Im going with McCain based on sanity and freedom from fascist racist democrats who hate this country; hate whitey and hate freedom.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous: I am still waiting, down here in my personal underground bunker because of your predictions about the UN troops and their atrocities...You moron!