Las Vegas predicts McCain over Obama - The House never loses

Trap: Las Vegas bookmakers have never heard and cared much about Michel de Nostradamus or read my blog, one might think while watching current presidential odds - Barack Obama is the favorite with a 1.57 leading before John McCain's 2.35 right now...

Nostradamus Obama McCain
Public bets lose more money than the house: These bookmakers know very well what they're doing and all what their odds can tell us is that they themselves bet on John McCain. Whenever there are any good news for Obama, in politics and polls or just on all Liberals' Huffington Post, Las Vegas odds drop dramatically towards his presidential election win. But when McCain comes out good after a hard day for Obama the same bookmakers seem to have problems to correct betting odds towards reality. Believe it or not: Good old Las Vegas is betting heavily on John McCain to become the next U.S. president!

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