Obama's comeback in recent polls: A short story?

Obama blacked out

A nationwide election poll out yesterday showed presidential candidate Barack Obama with a 5-point lead over Republican John McCain, a reversal from polls before the Wall Street economic crisis hit. If at the end of the blackest Wall Street week since the Great Depression of 1929 Democrat Obama comes out as the only winner of that all then how fragile must his current lead be? Especially since the U.S. government seems to have ended the crises while showing a solution and great leadership in this one...

Today stocks jump higher as the Bush government takes steps to rescue America's economy: The German Stock Index (DAX) climbed up Friday afternoon by 4.8 percent to 6142 points, in London, there was an increase of 7 percent, the Swiss benchmark presented more than 5 percent, the Shanghai stock market experienced the largest price increase in its history and the Dow Jones index is at the start of trading in New York by 400 points after the U.S. government announced a rescue plan for ailing banks. Isn't the economic crisis over?

Democrats' presidential campaign seem to have a totally other view on reality and come out with a new Barack Obama ad:

Sure, the financial fallout could cost American taxpayers around a trillion Dollar, according to U.S. Senator Richard Shelby's prediction, where »lesser evil« was chosen because further delay and a worsening of the crisis could be even more expensive. But what if the economic crises is over as such? What if the U.S. government has actually done a good job? Wouldn't that backfire, Mr Barack Obama - and so what would you right now wish for economically?

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After Shave said...

Stocks are up - yep! And they might be down again. Economy and election polls will go hand in hand those days as the government will do everything to secure John McCain's win. So I ain't worried about financial matters right now...