BARACK OBAMA Elected U.S. President 2008!

Democracy won - and so did Elected President Barack Obama!

This have been some exciting weeks indeed, for everybody. Record numbers of voters have beaten the Republican friends, and we shall hope that everything stays peaceful.

I go home with my dear leftover$ from the primaries, as does John McCain, I predict.


EDIT, 6th November, 2008:
Some most extraordinarily pathetic people feel the need to (anonymously) post disgraceful comments of most primitive nature here, hoping to get them through - but they fail towards the responsibility of the more moderate moderation that does not publish their radical shame. Those internet (ab)users shall be reminded: »In American elections there are no losers.« (U.S. Senator John Kerry, D.)

To whom it might concern: Get a life! The majesty of the democratic system should get respect from all those served by it, from all those who had the priviledge to take part in the U.S. Presidential Election 2008. Besides, there is lots of work to do for everybody, change isn't yet much done: There is a new U.S. President elected, yes. And an angry woman will turn into a devoted First Lady, as it seems. But while the cheering have died down and the stock market took newly dives, Obama's »catastrophic success« asks itself already: What to do now?

Smearing bloggers won't do it, folks! You got other wars to win where I don't live in the once almighty USA.

Now have a nice one and get your all-American pants up: Peace!


Whitey said...

Most racist election ever!

Anonymous said...

I agree!! Let's not forget the fraud. Just saw a youtube video with this stupid young black man saying he voted 7 times!!! Yea he won fair and square.

Anonymous said...

WRONG title under that picture. DEMOCRACY DID NOT WIN!!! Fraud and racism did!!

Blondie said...

The world celebrates racism: 91% of blacks voted Obama - and 8% lied!

$$$ €€€ said...

Real people have no trust in Barack Obama, just as predicted: Stock market drops again and further...

Good night, America - its all black out there!

LOL said...

Nice EDIT! :-)

Anonymous said...

I am a shamed black american. I feel as if the world cries at our mistakes but we can make it work if we keep the president in check and not let him get over bearing protect our rights!!!

Democracy humanity must succeed over socialism and dicatorship!