With Nostradamus against Obama

First a short reminder: This blog is based on my very own and early presidential prediction alone, finally published on January 15th, 2008. I found out only later that Nostradamus had a simular prophecy, worth being mentioned since nobody seemed to know about it.


Slowly but surely "rock star" Barack Obama's lipstick
is coming off with every bad decision, and by now even
his vice president candidate Senator Joe Biden had to
admit: »Mrs Clinton would've been the better pig pick.«

In medias res: I see the race tight right now, never mind the polls. And I see Senator John McCain taking over on Election Day, if not before. The economic situation will not allow a Barack Obama to be voted for, by senior citizens especially, and just like I predicted it during the primaries John McCain will win Florida again.

Have fun closing the gap: Love the action!

While even the new Gallup poll shows John McCain gaining ground, Rasmussen's daily presidential tracking poll gives Barack Obama now a melting nationwide lead of only 3%, and tomorrow and the days after it should be even less.

We saw John McCain suddenly losing in polls when the economic crisis occured, before he was doing just fine. No wonder since people blamed the Republicans in a first and angry reaction. But by now they have started thinking and will recognize Barack Obama as the bigger risk. »Spreading the worth«? Raising taxes on large corporations? What that would really be like? Simply backfiring: Those who got the money won't put it into the market but take it out to avoid paying higher taxes - bad for everybody. The fear factor is going to shift in favor of John McCain among undecided voters soon, he'll be more trusted in financial matters. Pennsylvania, Virginia, Ohio, Florida? At least three of them are to be won by John McCain.

People do understand that Barack Obama can't deliver on his promises, and the closer Election Day comes the more crazy his promises get. By now he can't even get his promises straight anymore, they change by the hour and don't match with what his buddy Joe Biden says. Barack Obama has nothing in his tank to make a strong finish except all the money he spends like crazy, not without criticizing Sarah Palin for being dressed up in this hard economic times. He and his spent $600 millions totally underestimate the undecided voters!

Senator Barack Obama wants people to help him with their votes. He begs for it. But when these same people needed his help and vote he didn't deliver any service, as reminded by Hillary Clinton during a televised debate: »In the Illinois state Senate, Senator Obama voted 130 times 'present'. That's not yes, that's not no. That's maybe.« That's like not taking part in the upcoming election at all. Let him therefore be punished by a too low voters turnout!

Last not least there is yet another minus for Barack Obama when it comes to the important national security: The American military doesn't trust the wannabe Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces. Instead active duty members are by 63% for John McCain. This sends a clear signal to voters aware of it, as Barack Obama wants to pull U.S. troops out of Iraq, whether they like it or not.

I'm still placing bets on my predicted candidate. Las Vegas presidential odds are up since quite a while: 6.00! And yes, I know that the Irish bookmaker Paddy Power paid out early all bets on Barack Obama as they figured after the last presidential debate already the race to be over. But they have been wrong before when they also paid out early on a EU Referendum Vote about the Lisbon Treaty. No further comment.


Danny said...

Michael, What do you think about the line "misrepresentation (calumny) against the younger born"? Is this the Socialist/Wealth Spreader argument or might it be the alleged tape that LA Times has? Will this misrepresentation play a role in the outcome of the "elder" winning?

Thanks for updating and confirming that you still believe in your original prediction and Nostradamus's prediction.

I don't see how the elder one can win unless a huge and shocking accusation works on Obama. Most people agree that McCain can only win if people distrust and disqualify Obama. McCain cannot win on his own policies.

The state-level polls lag national polls by a few days. McCain still looks down 6-7% in Virginia and Ohio. He cannot afford losing either one unless something improbable happens and he wins a blue state.

A. Michael said...

The LA Times tape: Why did they agree to not publish it in the 1st place? And may the fact that it stays unpublished hurt Obama more than a published tape, due to a most negative mystery factor? And what if John McCain or Sarah Palin had such a story going right now? Wouldn't you be outraged?

Talking about misrepresentations: John McCain and Sarah Palin suffer a great deal of these, even though nobody really seems to care - let us keep it »fair and balanced«.
No fingerpointing and whining allowed: Barack Obama himself is the only one to blame for losing the presidential election '08.

Talking about representations: Did you watch Barack Obama's expensive ½ hour show today? Do you think he did well? Or did he more look like a polished jerk to you? Do you think he was smart at all to agree to such an overstyled action?

See, I don't vote and I won't be voted for. All I need is to figure out my bets alright, just like in the last two elections and this season's primaries - that's my goal and ca$h. However and truthfully, I can't help it that during such process I develope sympathies for one or another side. This year I got personally very disappointed with candidate Obama, on several levels. Besides, there are some disgusting people out there who would just be too happy to see him win. And I don't need their joy. So over all I do admit, this has become more to me than just a bet. Fair enough?

Now when it comes to accusations against Obama one must admit that he doesn't do a good job defending himself. He misses out all answers and straight talk. I would've just loved to hear his answers - but he didn't offer any; shame: That's too bad for an advocate and too bad for a wannabe politician. I really wonder how he got so far, but I start to understand.
On a professional level I don't see how he deserved the presidency at all.
Yes, people do have the right to know about his true visions, associations and plans. He shouldn't leave a single doubt, his reactions are irresponsible towards his target.

I can't see anything similar in John McCain and Sarah Palin.

When it comes to polls: If Obama was behind you wouldn't like to believe the numbers, especially since they were proven so totally wrong many times before. I actually don't like to talk about polls too much, but I do like the fact that in the current constellation they fire up my candidate to get out and work hard, instead of acting arrogant. So to me it is all good.

OUTRAGE said...

I just viewed the expensive half hour ad behind the link. I left a harmless comment there. Although the youtube version said at its very end "I promise you I will listen to you even when we don't agree" my comment was outfiltered.
Try something similar and see for yourself: Obama is a shameless liar with no sense for democracy! If he wins we're doomed.

Lynny said...

Michael - thank you so much for the update. I am glad that you still stand behind your original prediction. I really hope you are right as I cannot fathom what an Obama presidency would do to this country except run it into a deep depression. I did not watch his show last night because it would have made me angry and I did not want to be angry. We live outside Philadelphia so right now everyone is excited about the Phillies!! The election has been temporarily forgotten.

Carmelo Junior said...

The million dollars Obama spent trying to buy votes in that ad just confirmed he is all TALK. Sarah Palin had more viwers in her 10 minutes SNL performance than Obama in his half an hour show.

Thanks Michael for this update!

As I predicted 2 weeks ago , this election is headed to be a racial divided election. Note that 15% of African Americans are rejecting the "messiah". This 15% is mostly in northern states where black Americans don't know a lot about segregation(Pennsyvania, Ohio?)
In the south African Americans are with Obama 99%. The myth of an Obama landslice is dissapearing by the minute. A lot of nervouseness even in MSNBC. They now hope African Americans come in large numbers to help Obama. Wait, it wasn't a landslice for the "messiah"? Didn't Obama had Pennsylvania and Ohio and the whole election wrapped up?
This is a white-black race and whites outnumbers blacks. While Latinos are not so enthusiastic for an African American president.
Jews and Catholics will be the blocking group giving the elections to McCain...and those Angry Hillary Supporters.

See you on here on the 4 November at about 11PM CT

Hope you get rich haha

danny said...

I don't know why the tape won't be published. Most voters probably do not even know about it. The mystery factor probably won't hurt Obama if most people don't know it exists. If McCain or Palin were on a similar tape, I think it would be on TV by now.

As of right now, I think "misrepresentation against the younger born" looks like it will be inaccurate. Without some serious accusation against Obama that moves votes McCain's way, there isn't much reason to think the elder one can come back.

Also I think most people don't know or don't care that Obama did not take public financing. The infomercial might have moved him 1-2% higher.

A. Michael said...

Rasmussen's Poll Today: McCain Trusted More on Taxes and Economy - 47% to 45%!

Lynny said...

Whoo Hoo!!!

Survey said...

U.S. absentee voters in Israel back McCain over Obama by 3-1

danny said...

"Except a debt is nothing is forgiven." Has anyone thought about this prediction for the next president about Obama or McCain?

Hillary left a campaign debt, $10,000,000+ to herself. Many articles say she will not get back the loan she made to her campaign. Also it has been widely reported that Hill & Bill weren't pleased with the way they were cast as racists.

Are they going to forgive the debt, but not forgive the way they were treated by the press and everyone else? An Obama loss is probably the only chance Hillary will ever have to be president.

An Obama victory means he will run again as sitting president in 2012. I don't think anyone believes Hillary can wait two terms of Obama as president and then run in 2016. Is this another hint of a victory by the "elder"?

Michael, Rasmussen now shows Obama +5%, Zogby +7%. Even before his infomercial, Obama moved up 2-3%.

Anonymous said...

Danny,early voting in Florida is showing McCain is ahead in early voting 49% to Obama's 45% according to exit polls in FL where I do live.

Amazed said...

McCain & Palin closing the gap in some Pennsylvania polls!

danny said...

anonymous, of the Bush states, Florida is not the one McCain should be worried about. He should hold Florida.

The problem will be holding Ohio and especially Virginia. Depending on the rural turnout/vote, he might hold Ohio since Hillary won it comfortably in the primaries. Obama trounced Hillary by nearly 30% in Virginia. If McCain loses Virginia, he simply cannot win regardless of the predictions.

Carmelo Junior said...

Well, it seems I can't just sit down waiting for november 4.


Since after the "worst economic crisis since the great depression" about September 16, "polls", Obama machine and the meastream media have Obama not only winning Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Texas and Alaska(joke), but have him winning by a landslice across the board!
"Florida will hold the port" Nostradamus says.
If exit polls show Florida with McCain ahead by 5 points and Pennsylvania closing the gap(Obama's own polls shows 2 points difference), plus Israel absentee vote 3 to 1 in favor of McCain(This might reflect the important Jewish vote). That must tell you something is coming and is not looking good for the so called Obama "landslice". There are at least 10 million Jews who vote.
Check also that gas prices are down, the economy is getting strenght, the fears are not as noticeable as on september,the dow jones goes up.
Do not follow too much "opinion polls", they just follow the trend not the reality.

Lynny said...

The polls are also to discourage McCain supporters and keep them at home on election day. That is a no brainer! They were wrong 4 years ago and most likely wrong now.

danny said...


What do you think about the next presidential prediction, "Except a debt is nothing will be forgiven".

Do you think this sounds a lot like Hillary? If it is, do you think it is another hint that the elder will pull it off on Tuesday?

I can't wait for Tuesday either. I really want to see if the prediction will come true. It would be great to see the press reaction if "the chosen one" loses to the "elder one"!

Drudge Report said...


ZOGBY SATURDAY: »Republican John McCain has pulled back within the margin of error… McCain outpolled Obama 48% to 47% in Friday, one day, polling. He is beginning to cut into Obama’s lead among independents, is now leading among blue collar voters, has strengthened his lead among investors and among men, and is walloping Obama among NASCAR voters. Joe the Plumber may get his license after all…«

Shocked again said...

Report: Obama`s aunt from Kenya living in U.S. illegally, in public housing(!!!) in South Boston for five years, despite being instructed by a U.S. immigration judge to leave the United States. (AP)

However I put all this Obama news together I can't see a weird and arrogant liar like him being U.S. President and Commander in Chief of our Armed Forces - help us God!

Finish said...

Obama exhausted?

"Shattered Obama In Final Leg: Weary Barack Obama has stumbled his way through a campaign speech hours after clashing with a film crew outside his home, as the race for the White House entered its final weekend", reports Jon Gripton from Indiana for Sky News.

Read this said...

Click "Read this", be aware and vote... or leave the country, please!

YouTube said...


Known News said...

Barack Obama says he didn`t know aunt`s illegal status. (AP)

He didn't know about Wright or Ayers either, etc. He never knows anything. He is a complete idiot. And to others just an arrogant liar.

Carmelo Junior said...


I haven't heard anything about a "debt" prophecy or Hillary Clinton money.
I only know "polls" are now tighning and McCain is just 4 points behind. Between striking distance. No wonder Brack "landslice" Obama is worried and looks nerveous! Check his rallies, there is something wrong with him. He is not the same guy of the Democratic Convention. He must have something inside that is trying to come out against his will: a big lie perhaps. He is begging the Clintons for help. He is begging African Americans for help. Don;t look like a "landslice" is going his way! See you on November 5.
I bet cha!

M. E. said...

The economic crisis is no reason to vote for any Barack Obama: Boom and crash, megalomania and panic are natural parts of capitalism, have always been. They are teaching moments of an ongoing learning process in which 'moral bankers' is an idiotic expression.

Carla said...

Think about all the 2008 campaigning we've seen, including primaries: The most crazy election ever, I'd say!
Only a McCain-Palin win can crown that one. And so it be.

A. Michael Bussek has a big one going. Just look how early he made his prediction. This is serious stuff! I would just like to know one day how he did it.

Respect and best regards!

Anonymous said...

If Senator John McCain wins the presidential election this blog will be a sensation too.

danny said...

The prophecy for the 19th president (Obama or McCain will be 18th) is listed in a link to Michael's January 22, 2008 post.

The prophecy is "except a debt is nothing will be forgiven." I think this sounds like Hillary.

If Mac pulls out a win, it might be wise to go on Intrade and buy contracts for Hillary as Democratic nominee or president in 2012!

As for the aunt thing, is this too late? Will it help McCain get Hispanic voters? McCain is polling 30% for Hispanics. Bush got 40% of this group. McCain sponsored a bill to help illegal immigrants get on the path to citizenship, so I don't understand his lack of support.

danny (last comment) said...

I will check back on Tuesday to see how the predictions turned out. Someone who knows more about Nostradamus than me told me that "least part doubtful for the elder one" might not even be a prediction related to the next president. He definitely thinks "except a debt is nothing will be forgiven" is NOT a presidential prediction.

UNLESS exit polls for early voting are wrong by a mile (e.g. people lying about who they voted for in exit polls), Obama has probably already won three Bush states (New Mexico, Iowa and Colorado). All he will have to do is hold Pennsylvania.

Michael, thanks for the recent update and good luck with the bet. I am very anxious to see the result and I want to know if we all misinterpreted the Nostradamus prediction. I hope on Tuesday, I leave a comment praising the accuracy of the predictions and not wonder what went wrong.

lynny said...

How can "exit polls" be wrong when most of Americans haven't voted yet? Most people are waiting until election day when there will be more machines available. Also most states don't even offer early voting, like MY state. The exit polls 4 years ago had Kerry winning -- guess what -- people lied!! Or it was wishful thinking on the part of the pollsters.

lynny said...

While I think the polls are biased -- today they are showing Obama with a double point lead after one day with McCain having a one point lead. Doesn't make any sense. Also all the news outlets are saying Obama is way ahead in the voting that has already taken place. What do you make of this. Is it like I think, just a way of suppressing the McCain voter so they will not vote or what???

Anonymous said...


I am new to this site. I have been following it for a long time, but it's the first time I write. With this said_I think that I'll take nothing short of a miracle for John McCain to win. I'm hoping for it, but is a Looooong shot. Pollsters are, FOR SURE, trying to discourage people by telling them that Obama is winning big, but many will not fall for that. And finally, if Obama wins...is this site going to collapse?

Maverick said...

Obama is going to collapse, my friend! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Check this site out -- read the blogs; these are mostly Democrats who are angry that Hillary was not chosen as the nominee OR the VP!! It's a very interesting site and they have some great blogs for November already that would surprise a lot of Obama supporters.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the previous post:

Thought the link would show up in the title -- here it is http://hillbuzz.wordpress.com/we-will-not-be-silenced/

Home of the PUMAS

Against All Odds said...

Las Vegas betting odds for Barack Obama now 1.08, John McCain 6.50!

Sad News said...

Barack Obama's grandmother has just passed away...


Bro2jdl said...

Just a quick question...and I am by no means being disrespectful to the Senetor's family in this time of grief for them, but could MABUS be Obama's grandmother? Her 1st name starts with MA and she is from the US. If Obama does lose tomorrow, I would expect lots of destruction of property and lives.

Not if but when said...

When the black candidate loses there will be open resistance and violent riots, but we will win again!

Anonymous said...

Sadistic game: The insane polls always favor the Democrats, just to see them hurt on Election Day when the real winners take it all, given by sane voters.

danny said...

It's Tuesday, but I won't wait until after the results come in. It is over. The Zogby poll was cited in recent comments. The final Zogby poll is Obama +11.4%

No Bradley Effect, PUMA Effect is large enough to overturn that kind of deficit. Obama will be announced the winner early in the night.

Thanks Michael for making this blog available at such an early date. Sorry, but the bets look like they won't work out for you.

The only conclusive prediction from "Least part doubtful for the elder one" is that minorities did not vote for the older candidate. I think we all ASSUMED that the majority part will vote for the elder, but Nostradamus did not write that so clearly.

LOL said...

Electoral votes: John McCain leads Barack Obama clearly by 21:3!

(McCain wins Kentucky, West Virginia and South Carolina - Obama takes Vermont.)

Carmelo Junior said...

After Obama and Murtha insulted Pensylvania, this state voted for them. Incredible Michigan shows McCain ahead!
Obama Reasgan landslice? Nah

Prof, Dr. Dr. A. Dollar said...

The economic crisis was something no Republican could've survived. Obama is just lucky that he belongs to any other party.

On the other side: Who wants to have his new job anyway - he is everbody's slave now; and soon the press will finally turn against him!

Whitey said...

Too bad: George W. finally lost an election, oh boy.

A. Michael said...

So it is done: Barack Obama elected President '08!

Well, as said: I wasn't to be voted for anyway. Maybe next time - have fun!

lynny said...

Michael - I'm glad you call this "fun". I called it hope that McCain would win. You should NOT play with people's emotions like you did. You gave me hope every time I read your comments. Gee haven't heard from Carmelo today either. I am heartbroken that obama won. I refuse to accept him as my president and am thinking of moving to a different country.

Carmelo Junior said...

Thanks for your great blog michael!
This time you had it wrong, but that was just fraud going on. Even black panthers intimidating white people in the voting stations. I will predict from now, based on Nostradamus that in 4 years from now we will see Sarah Palin vs Bobby Jindal in republican primaries. And the nomination and presidency will be to Sarah Palin.

I predict Obama's presidency will be a desaster, just like the Jimy Carter era or worst! People will be missing Bush and saying he was a great president!

A. Michael said...

Dear Lynny, dear Carmelo,

Thank you for all your messages and support; I've always enjoyed them a lot.

My prediction has only come as far as your best hopes for America. That's life, I guess.

However, we shouldn't give up but have a close look how things develope further, and I know we will: Just minutes ago another two more people got arrested for planning to kill Elected President Barack H. Obama and there're plenty of predictions out about an Obama assassination to happen. Some of these 'prophecies' are even dated back to Nostradamus (»Mabus to die soon«, etc.)

I for my part will go back to soccer bets for a while (as you may read on this blog soon, if you like).

All the best to you, and thanks again - have a nice one!

Anonymous said...

I hate that the predictions didn't prove correct. Hopefully we can pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and trudge onward without too much interference from our new leader.
Thanks for the blog of hope, it kept my positive attitude going right up until the end.