Nostradamus' presidential prediction '08: McCain to be trusted over Obama

Going back to Nostradamus' presidential prediction where it says »the least part doubtful for the elder one« it leaves only one clue on the table, made out of three matters Nostradamus mentioned (age, trust, win): On Election Day the majority will trust John McCain more than Barack Obama; safety first.

And here we go where even the last Republican campaigner seems finally to understand the inevitable: The last days of the election campaigns are and will be about trust, doubts and fears, I bet. And the less troubled candidate will win: Now everybody looks at Barack Obama as John McCain seems too far behind and out of the picture; but can Obama stand that upcoming scrutiny? Didn't he already have problems and losses because of his poll positions against a Hillary Clinton in the primaries? He usually doesn't do well when people start thinking about who that Barack Obama actually and really is.
After all he might inherit the most difficult presidency America has seen since long, domestically and internationally.

Nostradamus, known for his indirect talk, calls John McCain by his most obvious characteristic, his record-breaking age, while the majority's trust is described as »the least part doubtful«. So taking this presidential prediction we should understand, that Nostradamus not only tells us who will be the coming U.S. president, but also why: Could Barack Obama's associations all go unpunished with him over the finish line? A John McCain with such a social record would've been punched out already long time ago - wouldn't he?! And Barack Obama isn't even straight talking about it...

So what does that mean for the last weeks and days before Election Day 2008? Watch out for ad attacks against too much credit towards Barack Obama, watch lots of ads against a Barack Obama who cannot be trusted, and watch out for a(nother) Nostradamus prediction to come true.

Do some maths:
Obama + Michelle + Wright + Farrakhan + Pfleger + Khalidi + Rezko + Ayers - Hillary + Acorn = U.S. President 2008 and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces?

Las Vegas betting odds are still favoring Barack Obama - no surprise. And sure the polls have Barack Obama in lead by far - coming out of a biased media. And questions are asked if John McCain can still win the presidential election race '08.

But how easy should it indeed be for the Republicans to totally miscredit the Democrats' »new messiah« if John McCain and Sarah Palin really don't want to lose the election?

Have a taste of it already...

Some ads just cost the biggest fan of it:


Anonymous said...

What about congress???

Jamie said...

As you can see, things are looking crazy. Does your prediction still stand? Why?
Thank you,


A. Michael Bussek said...

Dear Jamie,

There is a long way to go until Election Day 4 November, '08.

Not only do I like my prediction about John McCain winning it all, but I personally see a great chance for even more money to be made since bookmakers' odds are in a record-breaking mood, 1.20 : 4.25!

Obama is too far ahead too soon (even though I don't believe the polls too much). Al Gore had the same lead against George W. Bush in the same situation eight years ago - the race is just starting, imho.

Best regards!

Carmelo Junior said...

Yes! I'm still with the McCain winning prediction! Obama has not gotten those angry Hillary supporters. They are millions and even thousands of them are blogging in favor of a Hillary comeback in 2012! Don't trust Gallup poll too much, they have made many error pollings in the past. In America there are still many racists that will vote against Obama, some of those same Hillary supporters are racists. The economic crisis has not impacted big thing the mainstream. I think category 1 hurricane Ike had more impact on people than this "economic crisis". People are still buying cars, working, buying houses, traveling. Even gas prices are going down!
I think people are more scared of an Obama presidency than worried about this "economic crisis".
The combination of likability for Sarah Palin, whose popularity is still on the skies, the Obama scare of invading Pakistan and reinstalling the military draft, the Pastor Wright scandal, the other associations scandals, angry Hillary supporters and hard core racists will put McCain at the top on election day. Many will be shocked by 11PM on election night!

Lynny said...

I hope you are right. Everyone I talk to who is a republican is saying it's over -- even Pelosi is making plans for a big Obama win.

Carmelo Junior said...

Yeah Yeah! On october of 1980 democrats, liberals, pacifists, blacks and the media were expecting the second Carter term win by at least 4 points as Gallup had him. Howcome Carter could lose when he made peace in the middle east? When it was peace and security around the world even with the Cold War? How can Carter lose if he avoided World War 3 by talking peacefully to the Soviets?
Yeah Right! How can Reagan win if he is a warmonger racist old cowboy former movie star with no foreign policy experience or degrees from Harvard or La Sorbonne? Reagan who was still behind in the polls by october 31, won by a landslide!

Lynny said...

So you don't believe the ever widening - Obama leading polls???? Don't you worry that "the polls" will discourage some people from voting on election day -- since Obama is being touted by the media at this point as possibly winning by a landslide?

Carmelo Junior said...

Check this out: famous and accurate phychic Elizabeth Joyce predicted back in January that a male presidential candidate with a female running mate will win the elections by a landslide. The incredible part is the female was not Hillary Clinton. If you see how popular Sarah Palin is, she draws 60,000 people to see her in Florida and only within a 48 hours notice. Obama took 3 months planning to draw 70,000 blacks and democrats to his coronation speech. Not only that, 70 millions tuned their tvs to watch this "hockey mom" debate Biden. I don't know about you, the media and the "polls" but it really looks like landslide but not for Obama.
If you see the blogsphere there are more angry Hillary supporters out there than Obama maniacs. Let's see: Republicans and conservatives(45 millions), Angry Hillary supporters(at least 8 millions)Hard core racists(maybe 2 millions) Undecided(4 millions) and Reagan democrats(5 millions).
I think this is the real landslide we will see on election night!

Oh Drama said...

Election results have very much to do with the likeability factor. Palin got all Reps and lotsa Clinton fans on McCain's side.

Anonymous said...

OBAMA is the anti-christ, There are to many facts and proof of it. I hope for the sake of the world that Mc Cain does win.

Carmelo Junior said...

Obama is not the antichrist! He is just someone that rose to power thanks to his charisma and the help of Chicago mafia.
Millions of voters are watching closely all this Ayers, Acron, Pastor Wright, Rezko scandals. While biased pollsters are interviwing 2,000 democrats out of 3,000 people, millions are watching this man denying the American flag, gaffing about his "muslim faith", the "bitter Americans". Many other millions are watching this man's surrogates on rampant race hate speeches. Race is the the main topic of these final weeks and it will not look good for Obama. Watch how 2 days before the elections racists will come out the shadows, Hillary supporters will come out, Catholics, evangelicals, pro life people. This nation will take racial sides and whites outnumber blacks. Obama might have money to have a 30 minutes add 6 days before the elections, but a 30 minutes add will not take the scare of the people about him of their minds.
McCain-Palin win. And might be a big surprise win, sort like Reagan in 1980.

Scott said...

As fresh as 15 minutes old: The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for today shows Barack Obama attracting 50% of the vote while John McCain earns 45%. That’s a bit closer than numbers from a week ago...

Carmelo Junior said...

I have said it and I reafirm my suspiction(prediction), that there is more distrust about the young Chicago politician called Barack Hussein Obama than corcerns about the economy. There is more "underlines" talks between common voters about Ayers, Acron, Pastor Wright, Rezko than talks about the Dow Jones. Voters don't undestand the Dow Jones, but voters understand what is racial hatred, fraud, racial division, pro life and pro choice, guns control, hunting and "hockey moms". Common voters never had the opportunity to attend Harvard or La Sorborne or Oxford. They went to their less reknown state colleges and universities just like their sons and daughters.
We will have a turn out of about 110 millions voters. If you want numbers, subtract the number or people who watched Sarah Palin debate from 110 millions. Does that gives you an idea of who will most likely become the next president and vice president of the United States?
michael will get a lot of money come the 5 November.

Anonymous said...

Only once in the past century has a candidate come back from such a polling deficit so late in the race, and that was Ronald Reagan. My friends, John McCain is no Ronald Reagan.

Carmelo Junior said...

This period of history cannot and will not be compared to other presidential elections in which all the candidates were white males, except in 1984 when the democrats had the desperation of looking for a white woman for a change to try to stop Reagan's popularity. And we know what happened, even women rejected the highly qualified but with zero charisma Gerardine Ferraro.
Now we have a black candidate who could not decidly bring down the popular Hillary Clinton. Obama was beaten by Clinton even in the last primaries when Obama already had the delegates. Hillary beat him in Pennsyvania, Ohio, New York California and Texas.

You say McCain is not Reagan but Obama is not COLIN POWELL. McCain and Colin Powell worked with Reagan and McCain has the female Reagan on his side.

The major issue of this elections is not the economy like many people and democrats want you to think, the issue of this election is character and judment of the candidates.

Obama has all the odds against him since he ignored Hillary Clinton and picked Biden. That was the biggest mistake of his celebrity talk campaign. You don't ignore some one who gets 18 millions votes! Obama has not gotten those angry Hillary supporters. He is seen as arrogant by millions of voters, check the underline poll numbers!
There are still millions of hard core racists in this country that will vote agaisnt some black dude with arab name. Colin Powell would have had more ways with these people.

Obama is not Colin Powell.

Many accurate psychics are predicting a win for McCain-Palin ticket.

Obama looks more like Bill Ayers, Pastor wright, Acron, and Rezko. And that you can't see it on the polls.

McCain might win in a big surprise.

Keep following "polls" numbers, you will be one of millions surprised when McCain and Palin surge as the new president and vice president of the United States.

America is not ready for a young inexperienced black politician from Chicago with muslim name just yet!

Carmelo Junior said...

The following is a prediction of what we will see on the news and blogs after November 4, 2008:

Why Obama lost? Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Obama’s problems started with the Saddleback Christian forum back in August, where he portrayed himself as a doubtful Christian . Millions decided that night that Obama was not a bona fide Christian. Then problems continued. Obama did not pick Hillary as his running mate. That was his biggest mistake, leaving 18 millions Hillary voters frustrated and angry. Then McCain picked Sarah Palin, the young, attractive and charismatic governor of Alaska and mother of five, whose approval ratings were over the 80% in her state.

Then the attacks from the far left began, even attacking her family and her abilities. America dismissed those attacks and loved her more and more. She draws 60,000 people to see her in just 48 hours notice in Florida. Her vice presidential debate was one of the most viewed in history(70 millions viewers!). His TV appearances generated record breaking ratings.

Then Obama’s past associations with dark characters like radical Bill Ayers, Pastor Wright, Rezko and Acron sealed his defeat.

Lynny said...

What are the "underline poll numbers"? I don't know who is being polled but the "polls" still shown Obama with a comfortable lead in nearly every state!! When is this going to turn around???? I am getting worried.

Carmelo Junior said...

Underline polls are those that question the character of the candidate, likebility, who could handle better a presidency crisis, an international crisis or a war, etc.
These polls are very weird and uwkward. And we wonder who are these pollsters interviewing. The media already have their candidate Obama winning. MSMBC has their analysts already giving Obama 350 electoral votes and laughing about McCain chances. Their "polls" even have Obama 12 points ahead. Trying to keep conservatives at home that day. But they will not achieve this. Conservatives are fired up. I think this is heading for a big surprise. Some accurate "psychics" are predicting a surprise win for McCain. Maybe the owner of this forum is not so sure now since he have not posted anything. Let's see how Nostradamus brings that surprise win for the "elder one" on November 4.

Anonymous said...

The correct term is "underlying polls".

Anonymous said...

Gee - Obama is already planning his victory party? I hope you are right as I would LOVE to see him at the "victory party" conceding the election to John McCain.

Carmelo Junior said...

We will see the face of Obama when giving his concesion speech at about 10:30 PM. And Nancy Pelosi's dream of being the first female pope will die that night. You are seeing now how much corcerned are arising about this black Chicago politician with no real achievement than running for president. Too many people out there(millions and millions) having a bad feeling about this guy and his past and current associations. These millions are more than the 1,500 democrats and 30 republicans in Gallup interviews.
Colin Powell might follow his race instead of his instic and might support Obama, lets see. But still McCain wins.
I want to see Hillary on the 5th November and Bill Richardon's face. That will be a looker.
More accurate psychics are coming foward with the prediction: McCain-Palin big surprise win.

Anonymous said...

What are the names of the "psychics" that are predicting the McCain-Palin win?

Thank you,


Carmelo Junior said...

Accurate psychic Elizabeth Joyce predicted since January that a "male presidential candidate with a female running mate will win the elections by a landslice" The female running mate was not Hillary.

Gian Paul, a brazilian astrologer predicted since 2007 that McCain will win the nomination and the presidency.

Several more accurate psychics are predicting a surprise win for McCain-Palin ticket.

Only a couple of biased charlatans called the elections for Obama back in June when Hillary was already out of the race. These crazies predicted that Obama was not going to be at his nomination speech which was a false prediction.
Most unbiased psychics and astrologers are following Nostradamus on his prediction of an "elder elected leader" that will be suported under trembling(might be the economy).

Anonymous said...

The quatraines from Nostradamus that you speak of are certainly your own interpretation. These same quatraines are interpreted for Obama.
Very easy to attribute them to fit a lot of scenarios as they are cryptic and loose.

Nov 4 WILL be an interesting day, regardless.

Carmelo Junior said...

Well, as this forum's owner interpretation, the quatrain in reference and few others which I can't remember the number now seems to indicate "an elder elected leader who is supported". Which it might as well be 72 years old McCain. This election will be matter of trust at the end, not the economy. The economy was a little bump for Obama.
I still believe, like this site tells us, that at the very end, the elder McCain will be trusted over younger and unknown Obama.
If you follow opinion polls you must know that in all the polls Obama was beating Hillary by 5 points in Texas and 10 in Ohio, yet Hillary won both states.
If you analyze Obama's campaign since 2007, all he does is talk. Obama had 95% of black votes that is why he won states with big black population. On this particular general election, whites outnumber blacks 3 to 1. Even when Obama has millions of whites supporting him and making noise(the white left) McCain and Palin have more millions of middle class whites, millions of conservative Christians with Catholics included, millionsn of Jews, millions of angry Hillary supporters and a couple of millions of white racists.
Obama's campaign has the dollars to run ads, make noise, buy people(Gerardine Ferraro, Peggy Noonan and Bill Richardson, MSMBC, CNN, Gallup, Acron), but money can't buy TRUST!
The atmosphere is full of Obama now and with the expected 30 minutes ad the Obama fumes will increase. But on election day TRUST will prevail!
By the way, where is michael? He have'nt given us an update.

Carmelo Junior said...

Food for thoughts: In a recent survey conducted by Gallup, Americans are rejecting senator Obama’s economic proposal of “distribution of wealth” and raising taxes by 83% to 13%. This is more than a 3 to 1 ratio. On January 17 of this year, renowned psychic Elizabeth Joyce predicted that a “male presidential candidate with a female running mate will win the elections by a landslice..” This psychic stated that this female vice president was not Hillary Clinton.

Will this socialist approach to the economy by Obama and the sudden media attention to “Joe the Plumber’s” questions about taxes the be expected “october surprise” that will decide the elections on november 4?

Lynny said...

Let's certainly hope you are right. It amazes me that people follow this guy like some kind of messiah. Think about it -- McCain has had dozens of years serving this country - in the service, house and senate. He has proven leadership. What has Obama led? He is a Junior Senator who has spent half of his term running for president. He has led NOTHING; all he has to say is "change" and people flock to him. I just don't get it.

If Obama wins this election people will get change but not what they are hoping for!! Let's hope you are on the money regarding McCain.

Also, I wish the original blogger would update us. Does he still feel the same?

Anonymous said...

Just read the following in a story titled "Polls hold bleak news for McCain" -- McCain's reply -- "The national media has written us off. Senator Obama is measuring the drapes ... But they forgot to let you decide," McCain said.

It's getting hard to be optimistic!

Carmelo Junior said...

Americans are rejecting Obama's proposal to "fix" the economy at a ratio of 3 to 1.
Now breaking news tells us that Gen. Powell has endorsed Obama. I predict this endorsement will hurt Obama why? Let's see:
The GOP will see Powell as a treator. Powell ignored his fellow vetaran McCain, a man who has served this country for more than 40 years for a socialist who started his political career in a terrorists living room.
But the real harm is this: Powell endorsement to Obama will be seen just as a RACIAL endorsement which will set the stage for a racial divide that will break the elections toward McCain! Whites will flock by the millions to McCain, and remember that whites outnumber blacks! With that said, I predict this Powell endorsement has sealed the "racial war" that will explode on election day and night. And it will not look good for Obama.
Where is michael? We need an update. I look like the owner of this site!

Roberto said...

From a "betting website" Onlin Casino Reports comes the following:

--- Barack Obama's increasing lead in the polls just two weeks out from the 2008 US presidential election is being mirrored by his shortening odds in the race for the US presidency.

Obama is now a stunning 1/10 favorite (Ladbrokes), making the task for his opponent John McCain, 11/2, seem nigh on impossible.

So strong is Obama's lead that his odds of winning over 370 of the 538 Electoral College votes on offer have narrowed to 15/8. The odds on him winning by the narrowest of margins, 270 to 289 votes, are at 12/1, which incidentally is the same chance McCain is given of winning by that slim margin. ---

Either Michael is going to make a lot of money...or. Anyway I wish we would hear from this blog's owner. As the polls tighten I still don't see why the odds have narrowed so much. I and lots of others would like an update from the owner of this blog.

Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

It may be that the "October Surprise" is the fact that Obama is not even a natural born citizen of the United States. He was actually born in Kenya. It appears, according to the lawsuit filed by Attorney Phil Berg, that the Hawain registry of birth was a fake. The suit is getting hotter each day and Berg said this morning on talk radio that he expects it to go to the supreme court soon. Should be interesting...

Autumn said...

Obama was dead in the water when the Rev.Wright story broke, I don't care how many campus organizations or Hollyweirdos endorse him, I think McCain will pull it off in November.

The mainstream media is doing a disservice by ignoring the legit fears "Main Street" Americans have regarding Obama.

I don't get Powell either- I thought he retired from public service, so why not just sit it out instead of risk his credibility and have people think he endorsed for racial reasons. Maybe he was promised a position if Obama wins, but that's too long of a shot to take.

You have to wonder about the Lefty faction predicting the election is "already stolen". Americans are going into that booth to vote their conscience, not their fantasy which means a McCain win.

They must feel pretty certain Obama will lose to make allegations that it is already "stolen".

Autumn said...

Obama was dead in the water when the Rev.Wright story broke, I don't care how many campus organizations or Hollyweirdos endorse him, I think McCain will pull it off in November.

The mainstream media is doing a disservice by ignoring the legit fears "Main Street" Americans have regarding Obama.

I don't get Powell either- I thought he retired from public service, so why not just sit it out instead of risk his credibility and have people think he endorsed for racial reasons. Maybe he was promised a position if Obama wins, but that's too long of a shot to take.

You have to wonder about the Lefty faction predicting the election is "already stolen". Americans are going into that booth to vote their conscience, not their fantasy which means a McCain win.

They must feel pretty certain Obama will lose to make allegations that it is already "stolen".

Carmelo Junior said...

Flash news! Joe Biden has just started to sink his partner chances to get elected. 14 days before the elections Joe brings the "national security " issue, saying that within 6 months of an Obama presidency our enemies and adversaries will test this young and inexperienced president(if he gets elected).
This gaffe is already flying on the internet and the media and good for McCain because now millions of concerned voters will decide to elect McCain.
Even Sarah Palin is seen as tougher than Obama with her strong words agsinst Iran and Russia.
These nations are less likely to test McCain and Palin.
Nostradamus prophecy takes a step foward as his words come closer and closer to become true: "The lest past with be doubtful of the elder one".

Lynny said...

I think the October surprise was Joe the Plumber. The funny thing is that Obama put his foot in his mouth and the republicans had nothing to do with it but make it public. It shows American how he REALLY thinks and that his ideas for the future of this country are socialist.

I recently read an article that says Obama is using subliminal messages and other mind control techniques to get his followers to vote for him. Quite frankly I believe this -- just watching his "followers" at his rally's and claims of people feeling tingly all over when they hear him speak -- MIND CONTROL!!!

I can't stand obama and hope he loses!!

Lynny said...

Poor Joe, every time he opens his mouth something STUPID comes out!! Now that is a real vote getter -- stating that your presidential partner will be involved in a security issue to test his ability. Who wants to worry about that??? The democraps should put Joe in a box with his mouth plugged up until election day -- or better yet, let him say whatever he wants as it only makes McCain look better.

The dems are sinking their own ship!! McCain doesn't have to run those negative ads because they are doing it for him.

Winner said...

Have you heard what the wrong vice presidential candidate Senator Joe the Biden yesterday said, about a "President" Obama being tested in his first six months? Oh my gosh, what a fool! Or just a clever part of a late conspiracy against Obama, as some already guess?

Protected Civilian said...

Have you seen John McCain getting more energetic in his speeches those last days, with lotsa fresh wind? "Road to victory"! He's looking good, and I didn't say that before.

PS.: McCain leading in Florida now!

Carmelo Junior said...

McCain is going to win Ohio and Florida, North Carolina, Texas and might as well take Pensylvania. Those big states that rejected Obama in the primaries and that are of white and conservative hispanic majority.

Lynny said...

The polls are again showing Obama picking up a lead - nearly 10 points in the Zogby. There is even an article on Drudge calling for a Reagan Landslide!! This is so frustrating. Since we haven't heard from the originator of this blog - do you think he has changed his mind about who will win this race?

Carmelo Junior said...

More flash news: Obama is really a Marxist! His support for communist Kenyan leader Raila Odinga back when he was Illinios state senator confirms Obama is a closet communist who wants to bring Marxist economic changes to America. That is the “change” Obama wants for America: COMUNISM. Americans are rejecting Obama’s socialist change 3 to 1 in the polls.
Obama is now trying to steal the elections with voter fraud and early voting registration fraud. But polls are tigtheting in battleground states. McCain is now ahead in Ohio and Florida and very close to take PENNSYLVANIA!
McCain might take the lead of all battleground states with a majority of “white, middle class, anti socialist(maybe racial prejudiced) and conservative hispanic majority!”
Voter fraud is not working for Obama too much.

Nostradamus's prophecy and many accurate astrologers and "psychics" predictions of a McCain-Palin surprise win getting closer to become true! Plus the prophecies of a woman in power in 2009 might as well become reality.

Carmelo Junior said...

Pensylvania, Ohio and Florida are Hillary states and conservative states. Those states will go for McCain. Remember that zogby had Obama beating Hillary in Ohio by 6 points, Obama beating Hillary in Texas by 5 points, Obama tied with Hillary in Pennsylvania. Fraud is not going to work for these black socilaists.

Lynny said...

Obama is so confident he is going to win he has stopped campaigning to tend to his ailing grandmother; has started building his stage in Grant Part for his Victory celebration; has already picked his cabinet; and is talking transition and his post election plans!!

This guy is so arrogant. I pray day and night this guy loses. Just to see his face when he has to concede will be worth all the worrying I've had to do these past few months about an obama presidency.

Carmelo Junior said...

Don't let your emotions get you. This site is about Nostradamus that at the very end "the least part will be doubtful of the elder one".
Polls are mostly created with the help of the media and noise from Obama supporters, plus error sampling left and right!
Obama has "100,000" blacks, mulatos and white socialist supporters in Missouri and already the polls giving him a 15 points lead.
Obama raised 150 millions in september(nobody knows where the money came from) and every polls show him wining by 12 points.
Funny that the only poll that shows McCain winning is the AOL poll. Its been like that for 4 months. Note that AOL have been accurate for the last 2 elections.
This and the popularity of Sarah Palin whose tv appearances generated record viewings.
Sarah Palin debate generated 70 million viewiers. Sarah Palin drew 60,000 supporters in Florida in just 24 hour notice.
Plus accurate psychics predicting a surprise McCain win, AOL might become the only accurate poll on election night!
NOTE: Obama's own polls show him losing Pennsylvania!
Pennsylvania might become the surprise on election night!

Anonymous said...

The game seems already over......Do you guys really firmly believe that Mac can come back?

Carmelo Junior said...

Game over? That is the same thing they told Truman when he was down in the polls against Dewey. The same thing they say Reagan when he was down 4 points against Carter in October 1980.
Now, we have black candidate with arab name whose associations with terrorists and racists is been vetted by voters. Its not over untill November 4 at 9 PM. These polls are suspiciously too arranged for Obama.
Blacks are already going to the polls trying to get their black president elected. While whites are still in the shadows, especially those white middle class people in Ohio, Pensylvania, Florida and Virginia.
Hillary supporters are coming out on November 2 and hard core racists on November 3.

Lynny said...

On the site USA ELECTION POLLS they state that McCain has "practically" conceeded the election by stating the following --- "The first reports that McCain had given up on Colorado were carried by CNN on Monday. "Gone," one adviser said. Other campaign officials, while denying they had given up on the state, told CNN they were lessening their reliance on a win in Colorado to take the White House.

The campaign was also downgrading its chances in Iowa and New Mexico.

But with McCain's limited resources against the fundraising juggernaut of the Obama campaign, the Republican has had to make tough decisions on which battlefields to defend.

If we are to believe that they are giving up on Iowa, New Mexico, and Colorado... then that means Obama is the president. Obama gets to 273 electoral votes with 10 other battlegrounds up for grabs.

This assumes that McCain does not grab any blue states... But he already gave up on Michigan. That leaves Pennsylvania as the only potential blue state for him to challenge. He better win that state but that's a tough sell when he is down by 12-14%. If McCain does not fight for Pennsylvania, I have trouble seeing how McCain thinks he will win the election.

As a lay person, I feel like he's practically given up and just trying to save face by racking up as many electoral votes as possible. If I was going to lose a presidential election (specifically a historical one), I would want to keep it close to save face, right?"

Also as Obama is builing a huge stage for his Chicago victory party - McCain is planning on a small interview with select newscasters outside of the ballroom they rented for their after election festivities. It doesn't look good and all this bad news is likely to make some McCain supporters stay home on election day if they believe he cannot possibly win. I sure do hate the mainstream media!!!

I really wish the original blogger would come back and give his opinion now. I know there is less than 2 weeks to go and you never know WHAT will happen.....but it really does look bad.

Lynny said...

Carmello - yes you are right about Truman and Reagan. But when if McCain doesn't believe he can win....

Anonymous said...

Lynny, you are right. ""I really wish the original blogger would come back and give his opinion now. I know there is less than 2 weeks to go and you never know WHAT will happen.....but it really does look bad.""

Carmelo Junior said...

Obama has millions of dollars donated by dubious donors. McCain only has hope and the support of people who don't want this socialist, anti Israel, pro abortion radical, pro Pakistani invasion. Its not over untill the 4 of November when McCain will surge as the surprise winner. Obama and his allies want us to believe it all over so we don't go to vote.
Let's wait untill November 4 at 9PM when we will know who won. Not before.
These polls are getting crazier by the day. Some polls have McCain tied and others like MBC have Obama winning by 13 points. AOL poll has McCain winning big. The real poll is on November 4. I don't think Americans will allow the Obamas and the Pelosis to destroy this nation.
The surprise is still ON!

Lynny said...

I really hope people have enough sense not to vote this socialist in. Now they want to take the tax break away that you get when you donate to your own 401K and they are talking about taking the Mortgage interest credit away (heard this on fox news this morning). Of course the other socialists think this is a wonderful idea -- however those that actually work for a living and have a mortgage and 401k dont!!! But of course you don't see this in the MSM - just on the internet!!

Bro2jdl said...

The key to this whole thing is Pennsylvania. If McCain wins Pennsylvania then I am turning off the TV and going to bed with a smile on my face. McCain must win Ohio and Florida also, but as I see it if he gets Pennsylvania then those states should follow for McCain properly. If he gets Pennsylvania, he could concede Colorado, Iowa, New Mexico, New Hampshire, VIRGINIA and still win this with 273 electoral votes. I live in Kentucky and this state is double digits for is also somewhat of a bellweather state since it has picked the winner in every election since Missouri all the way back to 1960. Indiana is not going for Obama as they have picked straight Republican since 1940 with one exception in 1964. Reasons why I think McCain will take Pennsylvania...High Catholic population in Pennsylvania. Large percentage that are breaking for McCain in light of the Archbishop of Philly that condemned Obama in a recent article AND Murtha's idiotic comments about Western Pennsylvania being Racist and Rednecks. Remeber Bush lost Pennsylvania by only 2 % points running against CATHOLIC John Kerry. Ohio will go McCain by way of Joe the Plumber...enough said there. Florida will go McCain for a number of reasons...Higher age groups are concentrated in Florida...higher age groups are for McCain. Florida has become more conservative over the past 8 years and most important...there are a lot of foreclosures in Florida and McCain's plan is far superior to Obama as stated in the last debate. Of course I can be totally wrong, but we will soon find out. BTW the polls are so screwed up that I am not even looking at them anymore...all of these different methodolgies...JUST GO AND VOTE to prove this site right and the Media wrong.

Anonymous said...

The owner of this blog deserves some ads clicked, let's show some serious interest, folks! We must stand together in these days to not let em damned Dems take over. Amen.

Carmelo Junior said...

Several more accurate "psychics" are coming forward predicting a surprise McCain-Palin win. The polls are getting crazier by the minute. Even a FOX poll shows Catholics supporting Obama by 11%. This is just crazy. Catholics supporting a pro abortion candidate! Associated Press has McCain-Palin wining by 1 point. AOL has McCain winning big. CNN has Obama winning by 10 points. MSMBC has Obama ahead by 13 points.
African Americans are not even supporting Obama 100%. Some 10% of blacks are rejecting the "messiah"!
40% of white hispanics will not vote for a black candidate.
America is rejecting Obama's socialist economic proposal at the rate of 3 to 1.
MSMBC is trying to unfuse pesimism in voters talking about a McCain campaign fight within themselves.
CNN is having anti McCain analysts talking about "this is over".

This is the same Reagan-Carter, Gore- Bush and Truman-Dewey crap!

On the streets I see 4 McCain-Palin bumpers stickers for every Obama's ticker.

On the Internet I see 5 McCain supporters for every Obama supporter.

PUMA has 5 million registered angry Hillary supporters!

This is getting crazier every day!

Hard core racists are coming out agaisnt the annoited ONE on radio talk shows.

The surprise is coming!

DadRep said...

Stakes for America have never been higher. And John McCain isn't going to back down. He's going out there and give it all he got, he's all fired up. And so is Sarah the Palin!

I'm amazed how this page predicted McCain's candidacy in the first place, including the Florida win.

Come on now! said...

The media has written the Republican campaign off since long. That alone is a good sign - isn't it?! Remember how they had John McCain written off during primaries?
Barack H. Obama's visions are as sick and un-american as any Bill Ayers can possibly be. Reverse the momentum: Get out and vote for John McCain and his vice!

Anonymous said...

John McCain may pull this one out, as he is a comeback battler without equal.

Anonymous said...

Got this from a relative in an email. Funny that I never heard this before:


Thirty-three Senators Voted Against English as America's Official Language on June 6, 2007.

On Wed. 6 June 2007, Colonel Harry Riley, USA, Ret. Wrote:

Your vote against an amendment to the immigration Bill 1348.... To make English America's official language is astounding.

On D-Day, no less, when we honor those that sacrificed in order to secure the bedrock, character and principles of America, I can only surmise your vote reflects a loyalty to illegal aliens.

I don't much care where you come from. What your religion is. Whether you're black, white, or some other color ...male or female......Democrat, Republican or Independent........ But I do care when you are a United States Senator representing Citizens of America ...and Vote against English as the official language of the United States

Your vote reflects Betrayal. Political Surrender. Violates Your Pledge of Allegiance. Dishonors historical principle. Rejects Patriotism. Borders on traitorous action and, in my opinion, makes you unfit to serve as a United States Senator...impeachment... Recall........Or other appropriate action is warranted, or worse.

Four of you voting against English as America's Official Language are Presidential Candidates: Senator Biden, Senator Clinton, Senator Dodd and Senator Obama.

Four Senators vying to lead America, but won't, or don't, have the courage to cast a vote in favor of English as America's Official Language when 91% of American Citizens want English officially designated as our language.

This is the second time in the last several months this list of Senators have disgraced themselves as 'political Hacks'..... Unworthy as Senators and certainly unqualified to serve as President of the United States.

If & when; America is as angry as I am, you will realize a backlash so stunning it will literally 'rock you out of your socks'.......... And preferably totally out of the United States Senate.

The entire immigration bill is a farce... Your action only confirms this really isn't about America... It is about self-serving politics.......despicable at best. It has been said: 'Never Argue with an Idiot....They'll drag you down to their level!'

PRESIDENT ABRAHAM LINCOLN SAID: 'Congressmen who willfully take actions during wartime that damages morale and undermine the military are saboteurs and should be arrested, quickly tried and hanged!!!"

Carmelo Junior said...

This site and these elections are not about English official langauge. Our founding fathers never considered an official language for the new republic and has been like that for over 200 years! English has been the "common langauge" of this republic, a republic made by and for immigrants. Thousands of non English speaking people have served in this nation's armed forces: Latinos, Germans, Spaniards, Russians, etc,.

This site is for Nostradamus predictions corcerning a McCain win not for ideological and prejudiced agendas.

Carmelo Junior said...

Hillary won over 18 million votes in the primaries. Republicans and conservatives are roughly 45 millions. There must be some 3 millions hard core racists out there that will vote for the "white candidate". Plus 10 million undecided voters.
If you do the math, you might come out with over 64 million voters for McCain. While Obama will get only some 59 to 62 million young voters, blacks, white socialists and some communist latinos.
Obama could have had a landslice if Hillary were his running mate taking over 67 million voters. But Obama is not so smart.
P.U.M.A.s are very well organized and those are at least 15 millions voting for McCain.

Carmelo Junior said...

The only change Obama will need on election night is an oil change for his luxury cars.

Lynny said...

Check out the American Thinker article "Signs Pointing to a McCain Victory". It is a very long story; much too long to print it here, but check it out.

Seems this blog here could be right after all; at least that is what I am hoping for.

Danny said...

I have seen some Nostradamus TV programs and some of his works. I do think he has accurately some significant historical events.

However I don't even think he predicted how the media would totally abandon McCain (a previous media favorite) and Hillary (the Clinton media darlings).

The phrase that is attributed ot the next president is "least part doubtful of the elder one". Could Nostradamus be predicting the next president by referring to the defeated opponent? The least part doubted the elder one (minorities did not support McCain) and hence Obama became president.

The interesting thing is on Intrade more money has been bet on McCain winning than Obama. I think the gap has increased in the recent weeks.

I agree with the earlier post. Unless all these polls are totally wrong or there is a huge Bradley Effect that takes Obama down 6-7%, McCain needs Pennsylvania.

Free Press said...

Boy, have you seen the latest Biden TV interview and heard about the consequences for poor Barbara West (anchor woman) and the whole WFTV? Disgusting!

Watch, it is a must:

Carmelo Junior said...

9 days before the elections when MSMBC and CNN polls shows Obama 18 points ahead of McCain! Some Future telling and Tarot cards are like “opinion polls”, they follow the trends. I still think McCain is going to win. I just saw the P.U.M.A.s site and these people are millions of Hillary supporters that will vote for McCain. These people are not being “polled” and if they do get interviewed they say they will vote for Obama.
Saturday Night Live had its best ratings in 14 years when Sarah Palin appeared there. Obama’s dancing with “ELLEN” passed un noticed by Americans.
Millions of hard core racists are invading the blogspehere saying they won’t vote for a black muslim communist.
In Obama’s rallies we mostly see blacks and mulatos. I still think we are heading for a huge surprise ala Truman-Dewey. If we did not have a black young man with dubious past associations and we did not have PUMA I would say the polls are right. But there is too many things out there that makes me think a huge surprise is coming on election night!

Lynny said...

As mentioned in the last posting the owner of this blog - that to look for another Nostradamus prediction to come true near the end -- what is he talking about?

Also my son says that the pollsters are most likely calling area oodes in certain states that have a large black population which slants the polls in obama's favor -- that could explain a lot.

I can't wait for this to be over - don't think my nerves can take it. To think of the damage that democrat control of all three levels of government that could be done is too much to imagine!!

Anonymous said...

which force can defeat Obama? He is so strange, even refusing to provide his birth certificate....So weird..

Carmelo Junior said...

Truman-Dewey days were days when the media was mainly conservative and pro America. Truman was destined to lose because his other running fellows were segregacionist democrats. But this old farmer with no experience won by a huge surprise.
Same thing now when McCain is destined to lose because of the leftist new media but as Truman did, McCain will come up with a surprise big win. If Obama is not the clear winner by 8PM on november 4, start cheers because that will mean we will have our first woman vice president. 8 PM should be the time when the "messiah" should have this election in the bag. If by that time we still don't know, McCain is the winner!
Note that early voting looks like California and other states with big concentration of Latinos will not be a cake walk for Obama. Latinos are still reluctant to the idea of a black president and not Hillary. McCain might as well get almost the same percent of latino vote Bush had 4 years ago.

Anonymous said...

The polls close on the east coast at 8PM - but I am sure the "exit polls" will be wrong like they were four years ago when they had Kerry ahead. Obviously people don't tell pollsters the truth.

Hope you are right about a McCain/Palin win!!!

Danny said...

Can the statement "least part doubtful for the elderly" be interpreted as a Obama victory? The minorities doubted McCain and hence Obama became president.

Also, there is a quatrain about great power given to the dark one from slaves come. I don't think this was directly attributed to the next president though.

If Nostradamus did indeed really predict a McCain win as many here believe, it looks like he will be wrong. McCain can't fight the media and even Nostradamus probably didn't even predict the media's coverage this election

Carmelo Junior said...


prophecies interpretation do not follow "opinion polls". michael predicted McCain win even before the primaries. If you believe in this site and Nostradamus, stop following "opinion polls". According to Nostradamus the "elder" will win, not only in that quatrain but several others. There are many references to the "elder" who will be supported and might die soon. Then the "woman" or the "GODDESS take his place soon after(2012) before the big conflagration of the two big powers.
MABUS is not Obama. Yet, there will be a "black pope" which is a false pope or leader of the false religion.
MABUS is a pope(Cardinal Razinger Benedict IV). Who will die in 2012.
For now, McCain should win by a "surprise", while Hillary will "come back as the one who was and still is" (CLINTON)
Either way America will have a female president on or before 2012. Sarah palin is destined to become this nation's first female president.

Danny said...

I do think Nostradamus has made some accurate predictions. My first reaction when I saw "least part DOUBTFUL for the elder one" was that the elder one would lose. Then I re-read a few times and thought it sounds more like McCain winning by getting the bigger part.

The goddess prediction does make sense because if Obama loses, Hillary is the only Democratic choice in 2012. If Obama loses, Hillary will be handed the party nomination in 2012 because the Dems would realize she was the better candidate all along.

McCain is trading at 12.5 on Intrade, so 8:1 odds. I don't know what to think. They seem too good to be true.

Carmelo Junior said...

I'm still sticking with this amazing prediction. Many things are coming to hurt Obama this final week, I bet cha. Some polls are tighening but the real polls are on election day.

Yes, looks like the only poll that will have this election results right is the AOL straw poll! AOL straw polls has shown McCain winning since July, by September it showed McCain winning big. AOL shows Americans rejecting Obama’s economic policies or Marxist plans 3 to 1. The straw polls also shows McCain is the best qualified candidate of all 4 contenders, and Sarah Palin the most “likeable”. After Sarah’s debate a 4 to 1 ratio said she is ready to be Vice President. Note that Sarah is on the second spot but she gathered 60,000 people in Florida within a 24 hours notice and this was 4 days after the “economic crisis”. Her appearance in Saturday Night Live generated the best ratings for that show in 14 years!
The AOL poll shows also the reluctance of Latinos to vote for an African American. Also Latinos know more about McCain who was born in Panama than Obama who they still don’t know exactly where he was born!
This and the constant predictions of accurate psychics that McCain and Palin will win by surprise might make the non scientific AOL poll the only poll that was right!
Note that the AOL straw poll has been accurate for the last two general elections

Danny said...

The first part of the prediction "by the detractor calumny (misrepresentation) against the younger born", is looking inaccurate THUS FAR because nothing that his opponents (the detractors) have accused him of has worked against. Something like Ayers or Wright would have sunk any other campaign.

When I first read calumny, I thought it would be whitey tape that was supposed to exist back in June. It doesn't look as though that tape exists.

Americans appear to disagree with spreading the wealth, so the ONLY calumny left may be to label him (as Palin said today) "Barack The Wealth Spreader"! Is this the calumny against the younger born that ultimately works to convince the majority part to trust the elder one?

Carmelo Junior said...

The "calumny" you are referring to is inaccurate for Obama. Since all that the republicans are saying about him are true things! Remember that Obama is not running as a qualified and trustworthy candidate, he is running as a "celebrity, likeable, first African American with a shot at the presidency"! This is breakable. And Sarah Palin came to the scene to take Obama's popularity. The "economy crisis" is not the reason Obama is ahead in the polls. These polls are created and fed by Obama bangwagon. The media created Obama and the media will "destroy" him.
About Nostradamus, he predicted the "elder" will be trusted more than the "younger one". Indicating that McCain should win at the end. This distrust started at Saddleback forum when most Americans started to distrust Obama. But still the media and Obama supporter still made more noise than conservatives while Hillary supporters and "hard core racists" have been in the shadows ready to come out in the next 5 days!
Jeremiah Wright was the reason Obama almost lost the nomination but he came out too late. If all this Wright, Ayers, Rezko and all those radicals and criminals would have come out in December 2007, Hillary would have been the democratic nominee and she would have been now 19 points ahead of McCain. I won't comment anything else here umtill after the elections.

Just pray that this young chrismatic politician with dubious past and ideals is not "taken out" of the earth, and that the 60s never come back!

Watch for Sarah Palin and 2012. Also watch for Bobby Jindal, Condi Rice and Jeb Bush, Florida, Pennsylvania. They are all in Nostradamus prophecies!

See you on the 5 November, let's see if this site was right!

Anonymous said...

»the least part doubtful for the elder one«

Could this not be interpreted to mean that the hard conservative sector that McCain carries will start to doubt him.

FreePress said...

Joe Wurzelbacher today: "A U.S. president Obama will be the end of Israel."

Lynny said...

I believe that »the least part doubtful for the elder one« means that people will trust or are not as doubtful of John McCain than than they are of Obama.

Look at his record, he tries to hide his past relationships with known terroriests, black racists and black muslims and when confronted he lies about it!! He won't release his birth certificate or his college transcripts -- what is he trying to hide?

He is NOT trustworthy and wants to put the screws to people who make a decent living and make everyone more dependent on the government for their living. He will bring us another Carter (for those of you old enough to remember those awful years) administration; where interest rates and unemployment soared. I don't know about anyone else - but I do not want to return to those days.

Obama has very little experience in government or foreign affairs and is not fit to run this country.

danny said...

I don't think "least part doubtful for the elder one" is referring to the conservative base. When I first saw that quatrain I thought it meant McCain would lose because of the word "doubtful".

Then I looked at all the other presidents. Nostradamus refers to the president and not the opponent he defeated. For instance, Clinton is "reached very by far by seductive way". That is rather obviously a direct reference to Bill.

My feeling is that if Nostradamus predicted an Obama win, he would have written something about Obama and not the opponent he defeated (i.e. McCain "the elder one"). For example, George W's prediction did not hint at anything about Gore or Kerry.

I do not vote in US Elections. I am merely interested in the way the predictions are interpreted before the actual event. Right now I have my doubts. Perhaps my initial interpretation of "least part doubtful" predicting a McCain loss may be correct.

Carmelo Junior said...

It was difficult for me to not answer to some of your posts.

The "conservatives" that have been reluctant to accept Sarah Palin just because her youth and lack foreign affairs experience are not conservatives. They are just going with the Obama bangwagon or they wanted one of these other "white males" to run with McCain. But the reason why McCain selected a female as running mate was to fulfill a prophecy he didn't even know about.
Note that most true conservatives like Laura Ingram, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbough, Bobby Jindal and others have embrased Sarah for her true fiscal and social conservative values.

Peggy Noonan and Colin Powell are not true conservatives.

If you see what's going on now, all indicates that McCain/Palin and "Joe the Plumber" are going to take Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania. The "polls" now have McCain trailing by just 4 points. The same Reagan numbers in october of 1980.

McCain might win by 4 points or 289electoral votes. This race is getting more similar to Reagan-Carter and Truman-Dewey by the minute. Why is this? Because pollsters are not interviewing those angry Hillary supporters and the Bradley effect will take its toll.

Obama has not make any advances in the Latino group. Latinos don't even know him like they know McCain who was born in Panama and has visited Latino America dozens of times; or Hillary who has been all around Latino America, especially Puerto Rico.

Remember that on those battleground states live most of those "bitter, white, working class, racist people who cling to their weapons and God". In fact, this expression is in Nostradamus!

We might have riots on election night when McCain surges as the surprise winner.

There is another prophecy that states the republicans will be in power in the White House for 16 consecutive years.

Let's see if all these prophecies(or some) come true.

Anonymous said...

It's easy to ignore the evidence when you want your man to win. I hope McCain makes it but all the available evidence is to the contrary. He needs something big over the weekend to move a mass of voters. Simply repeating was hasn't worked up until now won't do it. There doesn't seem a way for McCain to reach 270 EVs without Virginia and he is just not going to make it there.

Carmelo Junior said...

Why are you already deciding the elctions when over 100 millions voters have not cast their vote yet?
Let's America decide and on the 4 of November by 9 PM CT, whover wins wins! I still think this site is right and McCain wins. but....check this

On the last week of the presidential campaign 2008 senator Obama finally came out of the closet! What he has been hidden for a year just came to light: he is a Marxist. He has a socialist agenda for America. Something that would place this blessed nation second or third on the worldwide power structure behind Russia and China.
Obama, if elected( I predicted he will lose) would drag this nation to its weakest level of security and power in over a century. Socialism did not work for the extinct Soviet Union and the only socialist power remaining is China who is struggling to keep its economy afloat with the help of the injection of free market models.
We could guess our Harvard Law School graduate forgot about the lessons given to us by Adam Smith, the greatest economist this world has known, that the wealth of the nations dwells in the capacity of individual freedom, not in the well being of a benefactor state.
We could guess also that our "first African American man with a real shot at the presidency" forgot about president Herbert Hoover, who raised taxes and dragged the nation to its worst economic crisis in its history.
But now, some 75 years after Hoover, we have "nuclear powered nations" that are not good friends of ours.
Let's predict for the sake of this great Nation that Obama will lose amid the general scare that his radical and dangerous economic proposals are infusing in the thinking American people.

See you celebrating, crying or trembling about the future on that night and time!

God help us all!

Lynny said...

It seems the polls have tightened dramatically in the past couple of days. Also it seems each day another secret that Obama is trying to hide is being found out. I can see now how Obama who has been ahead all these months in the "polls" can now lose this election. I checked out the AOL straw polls which are very interesting. Some think that conservatives are voting over and over again on the AOL poll but it only allows you to vote once during the time the poll covers (a one week period) -- so you can't keep voting unless you have different IP addresses.

Danny said...

As Lynny said, polls have tightened at the national level. The national race is roughly +5% for Obama. Some experts say race could cost Obama 6%. It's anyone's guess what PUMA will cost him, but McCain WILL NOT get 4-5 million Hillary voters. Impossible!

The "calumny lodged against the younger born" may also be significant. Is there some hugely damaging admission that will cause him to lose? Again doubtful.

The alleged LA Times videotape will not even be released. No accusation seems to work against Obama. Joe The Plumber's socialism line will not move enough votes McCain's way. McCain needs a miracle for the prediction to come true.

It is also possible that many of us have misinterpreted it. Like I said my first impression was that "least part doubtful for the elder one = McCain defeat". In a multiple choice exam, the first answer you write down is (statistically) often correct and changing you answer more often gives you the wrong answer.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Hillary supporter who voted McCain,so is the rest of my family.We are also thinking about changing to independent from Democrat.I also know that many of my friends who would have voted for Hillary, are now voting for McCain.They feel that they can trust McCain alot more then they can Obama!!!! They also don't want marxism .

Anonymous said...

I don't believe in Nostradamus. However, if I were to interpret this for this election, I would say that it is pointing to people having doubts about both candidates, but they are less doubtful of McCain. Just a thought...

danny said...

What do people of the prediction for the next president after Obama or McCain? The prediction is "except a debt is nothing will be forgiven."

Doesn't this sound like Hillary? She ended her campaign in debt to herself, which she probably won't repay (hence debt is forgiven). She also complained about the bias and Obama's campaign tactics. Sounds like she will forgive her own debt, but not the way she and Bill were treated.

If the next president is predicted to be Hillary, then is it another hint that McCain wins? If Obama wins, that will be the end of Hillary's presidential dreams. no one doubts that.