New lines and bets

  1. Party to win 2008 Presidential Election:

    Democratic Party: 1.48
    Republican Party: 2.60
    Any other party: 26.00

  2. Who will be President 2008?

    Hillary Clinton 2.25
    John McCain 3.25
    Barack Obama 3.50
    Mitt Romney 8.50
    Rudy Giuliani 8.50
    Mike Huckabee 21.00
    John Edwards 26.00
    Michael Bloomberg 31.00
    Ron Paul 81.00

To close with an update I can report that odds for McCain as the Republican Candidate for President 2008 dropped just another little bit, down to 1.74 now. Whoever likes to believe the public and bookmakers may be happy with my prediction so far, but don't forget that my prediction was made way before the primary in South Carolina and before the public finally followed.
Odds for Hillary Clinton as Candidate 2008 are falling as well, now down to 1.45 - but she doesn't matter in my prediction, so lets skip it.
There are still no bets available on who will be the next U.S. Vice President though - way to go, have a nice one!


MikePresley said...

I heard you and have an eye on your blog already some time.

2008 Presidential Elections: Race and gender colliding over it all, working and debating their behinds off these days, bookmakers took all their bets off for a while... and you come up with Nostradamus? Cynical, to say the least!

Stay in my bookmarks, is all what I say. ;-)

A. Michael Bussek said...

Very generous - thnx & good luck!