Nostradamus, Obama, McCain and Mabus: A Digression

Search terms Nostradamus, Obama, McCain, Mabus and the antichrist connected do end up in confusing results as there are many rumors and articles out on the internet that have too many sites and sides supported. In this section I shall find time besides from politics for an intentional change of subject: Could it possibly be that Michel de Nostradamus (1503-1566) had a prophecy referring to Barack H. Obama, the junior United States Senator from Illinois and leading candidate for the Democratic nomination in the 2008 U.S. presidential election? Very unlikely, while a direct Nostradamus prophecy mentions John McCain »the elder one«, but: Even though I couldn't find anything specific pointing to Barack Obama himself and his name within Michele de Nostradame's prophecies, there is indeed one political scenario anyway, which somehow could directly connect Nostradamus and Obama through a man named »Mabus«. Note: It is widely believed that Nostradamus calls the third Antichrist to come by the name of Mabus and several projects work more or less hard to find out in time, who that Mabus might be.

Nostradamus Obama McCainThroughout his last 11 years in the 16th century the French mystic and physician Nostradamus created and published 900 verses describing them to be predictions about future events: Nostradamus claimed his visions came to him as moving pictures with colour and sound on the surface of a waterbowl which he used during occult practices. In fear of persecution by church and state, inquisition and torture, Michel de Nostradamus wrote down his experiences in a very own code, a mixture of Old French, Latin, Italian, Greek and provincial dialects, while original names were changed e.g. into a form of anagrams.

In medias res, 2008: Nostradamus wrote about three Antichrists to come. The first two Antichrists he predicted are believed to have been the politicians Napoleon and Hitler. Let us now look at prophecies of Nostradamus's associated with the third Antichrist:

Century II quatrain 62

Mabus will soon die and there will come
A dreadful destruction of people and animals,
Suddenly vengeance will be revealed,
Hundred, hands, thirst and hunger when the comet will pass.

While there are many and wild suggestions available on who might be that Mabus, there is one Mr. Mabus existing in Barack Obama's relations: Raymond Edwin "Ray" Mabus, Jr. (* 11th of October 1948) is an American businessman and political leader from Mississippi, who works on international business matters, is involved in political campaigns, and serves on various corporate and charitable boards. Previously, he served as Governor of Mississippi between 1988 and 1992 as a Democrat and as Ambassador to Saudi Arabia from 1994 to 1996. So Mr. Mabus is not only involved in international business, but in addition he also and frequently assists political campaigns, in Mississippi and nationally: Mr. Mabus endorsed in May 2007 U.S. Senator Barack Hussein Obama for president, and is serving as a senior adviser to the ongoing campaign.

Nostradamus's prophecy speeks about Mabus to "soon die". So what could happen in 2008 to one day make us believe (once more) that things just happened as predicted hundreds of years ago by Nostradamus? An assassination attempt on Barack Obama, in which his bystanding friend Raymond Edwin »Ray« Mabus, Jr. dies nearby and soon, »suddenly vengeance will be revealed« by »the black and angry« - civil war breaks out in America 2008, that would be it.

Century VI quatrain 33

His hand finally through the bloody ALUS,
He will be unable to protect himself by sea,
Between two rivers he will fear the military hand,
The black and angry one will make him repent of it.

Whoever is »he« and behind the assassination attempt, »the black and angry one will make him repent of it« - and it doesn't leave place for Mr. Mabus to be the third Antichrist since he therefore dies too soon.

All I say is: This is a scenario that, if ever happened, will clearly be referred to Nostradamus's prophecy, which on the other hand claims about the next president that U.S. Senator John McCain (born August 29, 1936), the elder one, will win the election in 2008.

According to conspiracy theories and Nostradamus's prophecies all together we should witness this soon in 2008: John McCain and his choice of Vice President must replace George W. Bush and Dick Cheney as U.S. Presidents 2008 in the White House to secure further cover-ups (9/11, etc.) and the course of it all (Iraq, etc.). Since Obama becomes a strong favorite in the polls an assassination attempt is launched in which Obama's friend Mabus dies. The outbreak of civil war threatens America while McCain wins the election anyway, because people don't want to see Obama as a commander in chief. Obama feels cheated, demonstrations throughout the country take place and calls for revolution meet violence, developing into civil war with the army soon stepping in.

The most easiest way to avoid all this would be have been to vote for Hillary Clinton in 2008, I guess - if you don't want too much »change« and all kind of people to even try to assassinate Barack Hussein Obama.

End of digression.


Roman Catholic said...

How come so many say MABUS is the predicted Antichrist when Nostradamus actually spoke of him to die soon? Are the prophecies contradicting themselves?

I do believe though McCain is going to make it.

God bless you all!

Predictor said...

However, there will be besides huge amounts of money also blood in the game, I promise: National Liberal Democratic groups will soon roll out their strategies for the General Election, and it will appear that the politics of a revolutionary and pseudo-romantic »hope and change« are euphemisms for even more vicious attacks than we've ever seen before. For an angry Liberal Left there will be nothing they will hold back and leave untried, there will be no limit to what they will spend or otherwise throw into the fight, including their totally wild going media products - it will be ugly and expensive throughout, and the worst of the worst will get involved.

Rapunzel said...

Amazing! "Mabus", "black and angry", "the elder" etc. - they're all named and mentioned already hundreds of years ago. Why is this ignored by the mainstream news agencies? What are they afraid of?
Very interesting, thanks.

Anonyme said...

A person of brown color, charismatic, people following him, women fainting at his rallies. The media can see no evil, reports hardly nothing bad about him yet there is plenty to report. All ignored, except for the Rev. Wrights' comments because they couldn't be ignored. If this is not the beginning of the days of the Anti-Christ, I don't know what is. Wearing a turban, didn't we see a picture of Obama wearing a turban. He changes his name to a muslim name, and here we are trying to make him the leader of our free nation. A nation that still hasn't healed after 9/11 and we're glorifying this guy. Something is very wrong with this picture. People are quoting from him with glazed over eyes... I call them Obamatrons. This is amazing and absolutely scary.

Anonymous said...

See, I told my friend the other day OBAMA. That's gotta be who he was talking about. Ha, I was right! And so was NOSTRADAMUS about OBAMA.

lindseyseven said...

Anonyme said " Wearing a turban, didn't we see a picture of Obama wearing a turban. He changes his name to a muslim name, and here we are trying to make him the leader of our free nation."

Can I just say I'm tired of hearing everyone's disapproval of Obama's supposed Muslimism? Does it matter? Correct me if I'm wrong, but we're taught in Elementary School that one big reason for the Founding Father's relocating was to have freedom of religion. Does Obama's American Citizenship not gaurantee that freedom to worship whomever or whatever he pleases?

Robert said...

Hi Lindsey,

wouldn't it be nice if all Islamists would give us infedels the same rights back? And if no B. Hussein Obama supporter would be racist, too? Why are Blacks and Muslims allowed to spread hatred against others without being criticized (by you)?
Why I wouldn't vote for Obama? Not because he is black (ask my black girlfriend!), not because his alleged roots in Islam, but foremost because I don't want to see them Wrights and Ahmejinedads too happy too soon. Does that make me a racist? Well, let me be a racist then, in the eyes of those who should be more careful about themselves than about me!

Drammach said...

I seem to recall that Mabus is not the antichrist according to some interpretations, but the precursor to the antichrist.
He may be referred to in one quatrain as "the prince" and actually prepares the way for the antichrist.
Mabus could then be seen as a sign, but not the completion of the prophecy.

Achtung said...

About "blue turban":
In a by now famous photo we can see candidate B. H. Obama wearing a turban (Somalian style), and "blue" stands for Democrats where red is the Republicans' color.

Gobilard said...

It is amazing that we Americains can't really see the truth even when it is in front of us. Nowhere in the media people emphasis on the fact that he (Obama) also has white blood in him. Being born from a white mother and a black father should be regarded as a healing vertu of the so racially devided America. A white person can see Obama in him so is a Black person. Having Obama in the "WHITE HOUSE" will give America an incredible opportunity to heal it's racial wounds and allow ordinary Americains to tolerate each other. As for the fact of being the anti christ, that is just a hip of non sense. A machination from those who cannot accept change. How many people have we called Anti Christ in our recent history...think about it??! You can't even remember. Napoleon was called Anti Christ during his wars by his enemies, Hitler was also called the same, anti dictator can be called have people such as Staline, Saddam Hussein, Mussolini, Kaddafi even Pope John Paul II was called so by other christian groups (for many years0 they even said he was bearer of the 666 mark of the beast.Wake up people, now is the time to smell the coffee and leave so stupid stories to kids or story tellers. Let me tell you what I honestly think: all of this is the result of those who we have been voting for for decades or centuries. Since Black were allowed to vote, they never said i will never go to vote because there are only white candidates. People go to vote for a candidate not a race for heaven sake. The real enemies are those who want to remain under their control and maintain the status quo. I am referring to the secret societies: free massons, the councile of foreign relations (CFR) and all the sects that are feeding wars and termoil around the world. They control Walls Street, world finance, the media, oil and commodity prices and so on. They brain wash us on a daily basis with their so called prophets and prophecies...they use religion whenever it suits them to divide people's opinion and maintain the status quo. Now is the time for us Americain to change it...whether you are Christian or from other faith. We don't want to be lied again and again and gain...America must stand up against all injustices the same people have been inflicting to it's own people and the rest of the world. In order to preserve their own interests, they make us feel vulnerable and unsafe by orchestrating actions that will make us feel that foreign enemiy wants to destroy us. They real enemy is in our own yeard. We had so many friends around the world ready to help us, but with our foreign policies that sacks, we have turned them into enemies. Ask Bush where is O. Ben Laden...We have forgotten the principle of AMERICA FIRST was wasting Billions of dollars outside of the country for God knows what! Whoever is in the white house is in control of the mightiest army in the world and we have very powerful institutions (Senate and Chamber of Representatives) and mechanism (vetos, empechment...) to look after our freedom should the need arises. Even Obama, should he turns up to be a jerk will not be able to stand in our way. Peace to the world and God bless us all and our country.

Anonymous said...

Barack Hussein Obama will be the straw that breaks this Country's back if (God forbid!) he becomes our next President!!!

robertbartoe said...

All this nonsense about freedom of religion is sickening when it is used to protect those radicals bent on doing us harm.
Those radical Islamists petition a local government in Minnesota to allow sharia law to be practiced and get the go ahead. We are giving away our sovereignty to these terrorists. WHY!!!!!!!
We let them live their evil irreligious lives and look down on the Christians who built this land.
Gobilard, you are a foolish leftwing loon. We must not allow a radical muslim to become our next President.

You will scream at me for saying that but you cannot disprove what I say. There is no evidence that says he is not a muslim. He is also a socialist, marxist race baiter.

Look at his associations, not just Nostradamus. Listen to what he says. Since you cannot force yourself to truly research this Obama non-sense past the CHANGE matra, I cannot hear you.

zaaylo said...

Impressive prediction by Nostradamus about Obama and McCain,
and nice descriptive comments analysis.
Now wait and watch will prove all.

Anonymous said...

how can so many blind portend to 'see'..? is in fact, Obama is of the Christian faith, which supposedly preaches love and charity..though i can see here, those practicing blatantly biased Christianity..but be not afraid-they that believe [the words of Jesus from His Father] will be protected...Peace be to You all

Pat Griffin said...

Dear Michael,

I have a few books on Nostradamus and I have seen many of his accurate predictions.

I saw your interpretation of "the least part doubtful for the elder one". I think the first part of that prophecy, "By detractor calumny lodged against the younger born", is also very interesting. I would like to know interpretation of that line and perhaps you can add it to your blog.

Calumny means a false and malicious statement, but many such statements have been attempted during the primaries. They have not worked. Do you think there will be new calumny that brings down the younger born?

Also, can I ask your to share your interpretation of a recent quatrain released by the Smithsonian that writes "Great power will be given to the dark one from slaves come,
The Aryana will not be satisfied thereby"

I think great power has already been given and yesterday Mr. Obama has changed the course of American history. The dissatisfied is almost certainly the majority white voter and there is an obvious racial divide in the presidential primary, with Mrs. Clinton's support among whites greatly exceeding Mr. Obama's.


P. Griffin

English Connection said...

I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed your insight. Just too bad not enough see the truth about Obama.

I am a Reagan Democrat and live in México City and have for the past 11 years. I am a 63 year old retired Dr.

I voted for Hillary in the April Pa. Prim. I told the local Democrats Abroad that I will not vote Democrat this year as I have no TRUST or belief in the Honesty of Obama. I have been asso. with this org. for 11 years.

The Vice Chair of that chapter here sent me back a "Shame on you" E mail and also sent it to many members of the org. I believe, she felt I am just one of many living outside of the US who still vote (about a million here in Mx. alone) who will not vote for Obama.

I guess one of the members thought I was not smart enough to understand Obama or his wife that he explained it all to me. I have a Ph.D. and feel I do have some intelligence. This E mail from him was un-called for and nasty.

So, as you can see! The Dems all believe Obama is the only one and forget Hillary. I will vote the 2nd time in my life for a Republican and hope many more will too!

Obama is not the man to lead the USA.

Thank you for your time!



josue said...

if you spell mabus backwards you get sudam as in saddam maybe?

Anonymous said...

That makes more sense to me, Mabus spelled backwards. Sudam dies causing war and death.
Barack will win though and most of you people commenting on here will be pissed off. So many hate Obama simpy because he is black. If Obama was a white guy there was no way you would be chearing on such an insincere old fart like McCain. Flip flopping around and kissing Bushs ass. 9/11 was an inside job, and all you idiots who think otherwise are the laughing stock of the illuminati. They are chuckling away at how well the duped the entire world and lead them around like a herd of goats. Open up your eyes. Quatrain released by the Smithsonian writes "Great power will be given to the dark one from slaves come,
the Aryana will not be satisfied thereby".
Wouldnt it be nice to be a country that isnt constantly at war for once in while?

Anonymous said...

I think that all of you that have posted a comment here have glimpses of the total picture, with the exception of a few individuals who are too far gone to even try to bring them back to the truth. I say this the truth is, there has always been a middle man or individual going back to the times of infinity that has always created conflict between two groups in order to keep their continued power and the sad thing is that we are too stupid to have not discovered who the real enemy is yet. With that being said I say, "hats off" to the guy that made the comment about the illuminati laughing at us all. The illuminati may be laughing, but I know one thing for sure- they are not laughing at me because I know who the enemy is here and for those that would like to finally expose this conspiracy once and for all i leave you with the greatest possible truth there is, or I have discovered thus far.


"Can't We All Just Get Along?"

Anonymous said...

Do not be fooled: "He will fool a nation."
We are looking for a savior.. we are looking for change.. Obama is capable of bringing change.. but Jesus said that a man would come before him.. and people would think him to be Jesus.. the savior.. because of the great change he promises.
The antichrist also brings peace.. between Israel and the Palestinians.. Obama pledges to do that exact thing..

This is not a bad thing.. peace is good.. "but beware.. when he says 'Peace.. peace..' - total destruction."
The antichrist is a serious thing.. we can't stop it.. but we need to be ready.

Nostradamus Obama said...

Predictions become famous when they come true - this Nostradamus Obama blog/article will have quite some future, I predict.

Keep up the good work! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Come on people there is no such thing as an anti christ. No end of the word either. Jesus was just a man and he is not coming back for us. Get over yourselves

Anonymous said...

With the presidental elections coming up I don't know what to do. I know I don't want John McCain in there, no way. Why would we want another George Bush? George Bush has lead this country into the ground. As for Obama being the antichrist, is there really such thing? I believe in a higher power, dont get me wrong, but whose to say that our religion is the right religion? Back during the the American revolution we came to America because we wanted freedom of religion, right. Didn't we just make up our own? Read history books people, we left England because we didn't want to be Roman Catholics, so we came to America to be quakers and mormans etc. - I just don't get this. Nostradumus has been right, but after these events had already happened. We just read the verses and after the events, such as the holocaust, people were like "oh thats what he must have meant." How do we know what he meant, times have changed so much since he wrote these verses. The world has supposed to end how many times now? 2000. 1982. Now the next worlds end is 2012. I guess only time will tell, and if Obama does lead us to the ground, so be it, because George Bush has already messed our economy up so bad. We are going down hill quick and I do believe its time for a change. I don't hold much faith in Obama, but who else is there. Maybe we should all get together and vote for the independent candidate. Maybe we should start campaigning for him. I feel that our government has had so many coverups. Maybe America is the antichrist in itself because it seems like we do like to destroy things, even our own country. Come on now 9/11 was our countrys doing, we are the terrorist. Going into other countries and destroying them. The twin towers were sold in July and the only kind of insurance coverage that was bought was terrorist coverages, not fire, not storm dammage, not anything but terrorist coverage. Bin Laden's family was in the White House the day it happened, we killed Kennedy, we killed Lincoln, and most likely if Obama gets in there we will kill him. It has been known our country doesn't like change. We cheat, we lie, we are the reason so many countries hate us. Everyone needs to get a clue. im so sick of it.

Barack John said...

Nostradamus Obama prophecies and predictions are quite a runner those days, which is even more astonishing since McCain seems to have been the predictor's first choice.

Thnx 4 the insight!

Anonymous said...

McCain leads in polls over Obama, so does Nostradamus and this blog: Congrats, keep it coming!

Anonymous said...

Nostradamus predicted McCain for President, not Obama - YEP!

Henry said...

In what part of Nostradamus work does he refer to antichrist? Mabus is only referred to in Century 2 Quatrain 62 and never referred to as antichrist; besides the word antichrist has never been used in his work, I would like to know why is so spread the idea that MABUS is the antichrist?

42 days left said...

Obviously the best article on the internet about Nostradamus, Obama and McCain - I had to google through lotsa bs to find this one!

I'll be excited to watch how this one works out; good luck!

Marcus H. said...

The thing between Nostradamus, Obama, McCain, Mabus and the anitchrist is going to be most interesting when predictions come out to be right (once more) - so we have to await the future's news, like it or not.

Aren't predictions pretty useless at the beginning of the day?

Sapna said...

Does anyone have a confirmation of a recent quatrain released by the Smithsonians that writes "Great power will be given to the dark one from slaves come,
The Aryana will not be satisfied thereby"?
With the sub-prime lending crisis and the bloodbath on Wall Street, this prediction seems to cast a doubt on Nostradamus's prediction!
Also...has anyone read about a man who claims that Nostradamus is channeling his predictions through him? I forget the guy's name...but his latest claim is that John McCain is going to have a heart problem just 9 days before the presidential elections!
Ultimately, when it comes to Astrology, you are doomed if you believe and doomed if you dont!

Anonymous said...

Okay so honestly you really need to think about this yes bush has not done such a great job... but he has done what he has needed to do... right now with the economy the way it is we need someone in there to do something about it... with how bad the economy is right now its going to take a while for it to get better we are not going to go in a depression as people are freaking out about and another thing i dont get is why are people complaing about our troops over seas dying when they signed up for the military they knew what they could possibly get themselves into we couldnt just sit there and do nothing about it yes i believe that right now we need to get them out of there not pull them all at once that would lead to a big problems but take them out slowly and right now obama wants to cut off the troops what the fuck are you thinking honestly they are fighting for us and your going to cut them off okay that makes lots of since NOT!!!!! why would you want a leader like that if he wants to cut the troops off then what do you think he would do to us!!!! think about it people we all dont need to be followers and you shouldnt believe everything you hear on tv!!!!! why cant u have a mind of your own and think for yourself!!!!

Sapna said...

You missed the point...completely. I'm only debating about Astrology and the very essense of this blog. I was trying to point out that there are numerous "predictions" which are completely polar.
As for the elections, I'd put my money on experience. For me, its McCain all the way.

Anonymous said...

could the MABUS come from obama's name this way...?

since sometimes nostradamus uses letters backwards and sometimes uses just the sound...those possibilities as a key to the code might lead you to any number of extrapolations from his name. IMHO

if so then,

MAB backwards is the BAM in obama
and US is the sound in hussein


the MABUS "M" could be the "M" sound in obama

the "AB" could be from BArack

and again the "US" from hUSsein

just seems like the letters M, A, B, U, and S are woven throughout his name.

then perhaps the mr. Mabus associate from Mississippi is simply confirmation or a flag.

i dunno, just thinkin'...and wonderin'

even tho i don't want the man for president at all and he does truly frighten me, i still feel a bit guilty to hang such a heavy accusation on him...but then there are so many unanswered questions. if answers prove to be as many fear, then it isn't such a stretch.

for what other reason would anyone so adamantly refuse to answer so many questions if there isn't something to hide. he certainly is "smooth."

it would be so easy to simply answer these questions of his birth, citizenship, questionable associations, and religious history and lay all the fears to why not do that?

it is not that he is a muslim, it is that he continues to deny EVER being one, and his records reflect in many places, that he in fact was once a muslim.

thanks for the forum and the ability to place my thoughts out in the open.

Carmelo Junior said...

The danger of an Obama presidency does not dwells in his economic views but on his philosophical views of the world. These views are in contraposition to the ideas of the men(white christian men...and women) who framed this nation. Obama wants to take this nation back 130 years of class struggles and race fights. He wants to become president as a revenge not to really help or heal this nation. Fortunatelly, Americans are wiser than that and will reject him.

Agent Graves said...

I am all for free speech and the American way and all of that..but

really. come on, to claim that Nostradamus is pointing out that a Barack Presidency will destroy America is just down right non-sense.

I say this because if you go back and read his predictions would seem that his predictions could also speak Well of a Obama Presidency.

Please consider the following

Century I:76 and 97
Century II: 89
Century IX: 65 and 66

and there's more...

but I digress, it would seem that he predicts both out comes a good and a negative result to an Obama Presidency.

another point I'd like to make is that why is it every one seems to latch on to Obama's fathers religion, Muslim? - and yet also latch on to Obama's Christian pastor? That just contradicts the whole thing - -

but Here's MY POINT WITH THAT - -

In the CONSTITUTION - It clearly states that we are FREE TO PRACTICE WHAT EVER RELIGION WE LIKE - so What if Obama is a shouldn't matter because of the constitution.

I mean come on that would be like "Oh I am not going to vote for McCain because he's a Jew"

my bottom line:


and NOSTRADAMUS' "Predictions" can be tailored to suit anyone's beliefs.

I could read some passages in his books and find a number of negative items on Palin..and in the same breath find positive items on Palin.

I hope in the core of my heart and soul that NO ONE HERE is REALLY taking what this guy says to the polls.

we all should be voting for the best policies these people will bring into office.

no voting due to what some guy in the 15oo's has "claimed"

I know that's what I am doing...

at the end of the day for me

it will all come down to who has the better policies that they will put into place for the greater good of our country...DO NOT mistake me - I am not a Leftist or a Right wing republican - I am an American.

Anonymous said...

If you care about our future, please go to this link.

Sapna said...

Looks like this blog is going to be proven wrong. Obama now has a 13point lead over McCain. With just 9
days to go for elections, one can only wish America the very best!

Carmelo Junior said...

Obama is now "13 points ahead" according to what? MSBC? CNN? The same Obama's campaign? ACORN?
I only see millions of racists coming out and not "polled", millions of angry Hillary supporters. This is not over. In the days ahead MSMBC will have Obama 30 points ahead, many newspapers endorsing Obama and many voter fraud. The same happened to Dewey and Gore. This is not over yet! Watch how by 11PM on the 4 of November McCain surges as the new elected leader.

Sapna said...

I hope you're right about the news and the results Carmelo!
And as for what Agent Graves has pointed out...I'd like to ask just one question...
Irrespective of Obama's faith, do you think Obama is experienced enough for the highest office? Being eloquent is one thing and leading a country is quite another. The gift of the gab may land you a great job. It may never however, help you perform and give results!
Would companies like Microsoft (I mean any big corporation) give Obama the position of a CEO? Not until he's worked his way up the ladder with a TRACK RECORD! C'mon America Inc., get more responsible.

Carmelo Junior said...

Don't put all your faith in "opinion polls" like Dewey and the media did in 1948. I just saw the PUMA site and these people are fired up and ready to come out on election day. These people are millions. The same 18 millions Perot voters that gave the 92 elections to Bill Clinton, is the same number that will put McCain on the top.
Any ways, with an international (nuclear)crisis looming in Pakistan, Syria, and Poland, with Russia’s dream to become the first and only energy independent super power, pray to God almighty that the guy that comes up victorious by 10:00 PM on the 4 of November is not the inexperienced marxist community organizer.

Anonymous said...

I am 28 years old and never in my life have I been so disgusted by a Presidential election. As many of you have pointed out, it is pathetic how the media is ripping McCain and Palin apart while Obama gets hardly any criticism. Biden is a typical shady politician with a dishonest past, who dodges questions and the media doesn't say a word. But God forbid Mccain or Palin did that, we would never hear the end of it. The media are constantly ridiculing Palin, when she is not even running for President!! And if one more person uses the excuse of MCain's age I'm going to scream. The man is 72, his mother is 90 something. He's not going to die in office. Stop jumping on the bandwagon, because unlike everyone's precious Obama, McCain provided medical documentation of his health being in good standing. Not Obama though, but again the media says nothing about that. I am not saying by any stretch of the imagination that McCain and Palin are without flaws, but I feel that in this case McCain is the lesser of 2 evils. I feel that Obama's charisma and persona is what many people are attracted to and blinded by. How stupid are people to want to have a man run our country who says this is the first time he is proud to be American?! He does not have our country's best interest in mind...unless of course you are an immigrant or poor person hoping to live off of the governemnt at the expense of the hard working middle class. Isn't that what we call Socialism?! And for the ignorant person that made the comment about people disliking Obama merely because he is black. You are the reason this country in in disaray. Take the chip off your shoulder and get back to reality. How many blacks and minorities would give a damn about Obama and voting in this election if he WASN'T black?!! It would just be another election with 2 white candidates that they could care less about. Now that's racist!!

Sapna said...

If most of us are pro McCain...where are all these Obama worshippers coming from?
And what is the American media up to? I bet their ONLY interest is to create "history" by electing an African American! There's nothing wrong with that, if only the guy had experience to match his arrogance!

Anonymous said...

To the post before mine, I agree 100%. Its quite clear Obama would be a poor choice for this country, Liberal in the white house, liberal in congress, liberal judges, equal bad news for the country. We would no doubt have higher taxes, everyone would, we'd have a weak foreign policy as well, which is not cool for the times ahead, not to mention the stuff he wants to do, would damage the economy. It seems a lot of people are blinded by this, due to his great speaking abilities, and charisma. On the spiritual side of all of this, where the bible, and even nostradamus talks about how things drastically change in the country, and in the world, I can see it happening while Obama president, especially since Liberals would have full control, and go unchecked, there won't be any reaching out working with republicans, although he says that, because he's going to want to stay popular and in step with his very liberal colleagues.

Anonymous said...

I have read all of these comments with great interest. With only seven days left before the election, it does appear that Obama has done the job he set out to do. With Mabus being lined up as the possible third successor to President it could possibly be as stated that an assination attempt on Obama, Mabus will die in the attack. The "False Prophet" not "Anti-Christ" will be realized. (Barak Obama) God help us all.

Anonymous said...

OBAMA = MABUS Civil War is coming.

Anonymous said...

The black and angry one refers to a black president of the U.S. who will make the leader a Persia repent of his foolish act of launching an attack against the West. I made it very clear and easy to understand.

M. Nostradamus

Anonymous said...

Um, now what? The prophecy was wrong "the elder one" lost.....

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am from England and have been reading this blog with great interest. I have been following the American Election with great interest and although I do not profess to know anything about the American Constitution I feel that you have all missed the point completely. You talk of religion, you talk of colour and in some cases I can feel the venom and hatred coming from your words. I do not care who becomes your next president to be honest, I just care that whoever gets in can encourage you all to see yourselves as a truely "United States" working together as one which could set an example to the rest of the world and hopefully bring us all together as one working towards a better future for all.

MsLadyG said...

It has happened. Let's support our new President of the United States Of America Barack Obama and the 1st family.

Anonymous said...

I've never seen this article but awoke last night remembering the MABUS name from reading Nostradamus. Found this article and it's kinda freaked me out. As for the elder losing, could it be possible that the birth certificate issue be revisited by the Supreme Court? Berg's petition to have the elections halted didn't go through but it wouldn't be the first time the Supremes said "whoa, wait a minute"...If that happened and Obama was declared invalid, McCain would take the position of president elect. THAT would be enough to encite the race war, fulfill this prophecy and give rise to those who would attempt to destroy the Obama "camp", Ray Mabus included. Just a thought and very strange that I awoke with this thought (about 55 mins ago to be exact...midnight).

Anonymous said...

This blog has come a long way. Very interesting.
I clicked a few ads for you. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

I always thought that a Obama assassination is nearer than McCain's death. When people checked S. Palin's ability to take over nobody took J. Biden to the same test. He would be a horrible President, wouldn't he?

Sapna said...

I totally agree with that. The Intelligence Agencies will have to work round the clock to keep this guy ticking!

Carmelo Junior said...

The Obama-Mabus theory is still there. We still have some "66" or "70" days until inauguration day. There are many "prophecies" and "predictions" about these elections that are still resounding there. Mabus death, the person elected not being the same as the one taking office, a woman in power in January 26, 2008(think Nancy Pelosi, Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton). All these things are possible!

And all this "birth certificate fraud" going on. This is crazy. Don't hold your breath. This seems like is not over yet. Untill Obama gets sworn in, keep your eyes on these "prophecies".

Pray for the safety of this "community organizer". Even when he might be a fraud he does not deserves being assassinated.

I just pray these rumors of birth cerificate fraud and lies are false because if this become true, it will be the end of democracy and many people will die.

michael, leave this forum open please!

Angel O. said...

Barack Obama's security costs $44000 every day. 100 FBI agents, police officers and sharpshooters are on duty when Barack Obama is out of house. 10 bodyguards are day and night at his side, even in toilets. Another 6 security men protect Obama's wife Michelle (44), and 6 others his daughters Mailia (10) and Sasha(7).


Carmelo Junior said...

If this "Obama US(or dual citizenship) rumor becomes true and Obama's election is declared invalid and fraudulent by the Supreme Court, this will be a chaos of Nostradamian proportions! 100 times worst than Watergate!
Don't hold your breath.

Manuel Carrizosa said...

About "the elder": How if "the least part" = the small people?
Just asking...

Proven again: Obama is a liar! said...

America was lied to, the Obamas met with Hamas terrorists already before the election.

HistoryClass said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
History Class said...

There is a long history between B. Hussein Obama and Hamas which most people ("voters") are not aware of. Get the facts...

Barack Hussein Obama II, son of Barack Hussein Obama, Sr., applied the very first time for a suicide bomber job with Hamas already when he was only 10 years old, in 1971. Yet he was rejected for the simple reason that Hamas didn't exist back then. So he went to Punahou School in Honolulu the same year, not to study, as most would think, but to teach. He stayed there until 1979, the year which officially became famous for being his "graduation year". Well, well. He again tried to contact Hamas, but they still weren't created. So young B. H. Obama turned to marijuana, cocaine and alcohol, which he described at the 2008 Civil Forum on the Presidency as his greatest moral failure so far. Finally Hamas (Harakat al-Muqâwama al-Islâmiyya or "Islamic Resistance Movement") was created in 1987 by Sheikh Ahmed Yassin and Mohammad Taha of the Palestinian wing of the Muslim Brotherhood at the beginning of the First Intifada. Seemingly at the end of his waiting time, Obama asked again for a job. This time he was rejected for simple racist reasons. An angry and disappointed Obama took a last joint and decided to become the Messiah. He then created his one and only prophecy: "Yes, we can!" While calling himself a community organizer Obama travelled to Los Angeles and New York City before he came to the dirty City of Chicago. There he met the first terrorists who accepted him as one of theirs. With this new experience he took a new approach towards Hamas, which by now was known for its numerous suicide bombings and other attacks on Israeli civilians, "Jews!". However, Obama was turned down again, simply with the explanations that virgins don't like blacks. At this point Obama decided to become U.S. President, as that would put him in a position that Hamas would have to plan with him. He immediately began his political career in the living room of an American terrorist. And the rest of the story everybody knows, including Obama's happy end: Hamas is talking to him just like he is one of them by now! Await for him to blow up in the White House soon, killing nobody less than the U.S. President himself. "Obama u akbar, Allah u akbar, yes we can!"

The End

Anonymous said...

God help this country!

Obama is a LIAR, a PHONY, and a FRAUD! The "constitutional scholar" was never eligible to run (born in Kenya) and he KNEW it but ran anyway.

And his religion DOES matter. Why? Because he is really a Muslim despite claims of being a Christian. MORE LYING.

The man is NOT to be trusted. And that would hold true if he were white, Asian, or pink with purple polka-dots.

Anonymous said...

I have sat read all these other comments by readers and a percentage of them I totally agree with. Yes, this is the first time I voted Republican.... being Democrat all my voting life but then you hear responses such as, "I voted for the first and I'm 35 yrs. old". Where the hell were you for the last 17 years of your voting life and yes it was a "black" individual that made that comment. So, we truly kow that all the BLACKS came out to vote ONLY because a black individual was running for office. I feel that the people who did vote for obama are in for a very RUDE AWAKENING......yes, he will be puppeteered by the antichrist.

Carmelo Junior said...

This is scary: over the skies of Canada a mysterious light was seen coming down to earth. The darkness of the night was transformed into day for 5 seconds! This happens 60 days before Obama takes office. Nostradamus says that MABUS will die soon and "signs in the skies will be seen before this". This is scary! Obama might be in danger.
Is Obama really Mabus? Did America elect the precursor of the Antichrist?

Archangel Gabriele said...

I think besides the prediction about the antichrist and politics we should turn our focus to the year 2012 as well, just look to the stars. Our planet will shift to the other planets gravitational pull and this will cause everything to go haywire countless earthquakes, forest fire that look like the years of the great Chicago fire, Tsunami's never seen before will swallow the land, volcano’s will destroy everything in its path, droughts will famine the land, climate will change, some areas of the world that were hot will turn extremely cold and some will areas that were cold will turn extremely hot, so be warned I study astronomy and the events I see coming are not promising for us there is no avoiding it we can’t stop nature or change the planets rotation. No political figure can protect you from these things that will occur besides it’s not like they really care remember their human to. Obama and McCain can’t help us it is as simple as that!! This was a forewarning from the Mayan’s calendar I researched it and was disturbed by the star and planetary alignments it points to the date of Dec 21, 2012 winter solicits at 10:21am the earth’s next phase of change will occur of course the moon will somehow be closer to earth than usual so close it looks if though you could just reach out and touch it. So, on December 21, 2012 look to the heavens and pray these predictions of the ancient South America Mayan’s are dead wrong.

Carmelo Junior said...

I personally don't believe in the Mayan calendar. I bet 21 december will come and go and nothing will happens. I though pay attention to Nostradamus. This man had too many exact coincidences in his quatrains. I will be looking at one of his most talked about prophecies that matches also with other seers prophecies including Daniel and brother Branham about a woman in power before the great "abomination". Looking at these prophecies and looking at the prospects of Sarah Palin running for and become president of the US in 2012 it is really something to think about. especially when this woman comes from the "artic" and it is just 5 miles from Russia. Nostradamus talks about all this.

Deepak said...


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Anonymous said...

whose to say that this isn't about the obaMA and BUSh era, and how they are with the rest of the world. Perhaps we are the enemy to society, but we are all to arrogant to think so. We believe we are the heros in history. And as far as some of you who eqviocate being muslim to being evil, maybe your the evil one with you spreading your words of hate towards another human. This is a prime example of our arrogance, how we think we are better then the rest of the world. we are all humans.

Rica said...

After reading these comments...all I say is "I do love when America shows its true colors. Obama is neither a muslim nor and Islamic extremist, but he is black and my oh my does that have good middle 'white' America in a tizzy. The man wants to address children about going to school and studying hard and the ignorant claim he's trying to 'brainwash' their ignorant little children. I will mention that the US ranks 34 on the Global list of Education...pretty pathetic for a so called world power. President Obama wants to figure out a way to supply free healthcare for all but Middle America and the right wingers don't want that. They screamed about SSI too and look how successful that has been. It simply requires that we give a darn about our neighbors, but we've become so darn selfish we wouldn't dream of it. The right has allowed its media to insult our President...even calling him a racist, while they claim to want a "Return to the America" they knew and grew up in. Going on the hate that spews from their lips, I can only imagine just what kind of America they want us to return to. An America where hate crimes are accepted as the norm?

President Obama inherited a financial mess and has only been given 6 months to try and correct it before the right has called him a failure, when they and we allowed the last administration 8 yrs to doom us.

I have lived here in the US all my life and after 40 yrs all I can say is "America is Joke" trying to preach to the world about how upstanding we are when we can't accept our own President because he's Black. And yes that is the reason. No one really believes this man is a Socialist or a freakin' Muslim and no sitting President has ever been so disrespected on the truth of his birth place. Even Clinton who was so disliked by the right wingers was still given more respect.

There will never be an end to the 'Racial Divide" becasue the ignorant won't allow it. unfortunately that will be our distruction.

so says me.

Ephitania 2009

Anonymous said...

Hello Michael and friends.

Checking into what can be said a Nostradamus prophesy about a woman who will become the most powerful person on earth. Sarah Palin in 2012?
According to recent polls, her appeal, her 3 millions books sold, the thousands that show up at her rallies....would she be the first woman ever nominated for US president? mmmmm 2012 is just 2 years away.

Jeremie said...

I think that some poor misguided person is going to kill Ray Mabus after reading The Catcher In The Rye.I bet they even find a copy in his pocket. One of two things will happen, either he will save the world from this other death of Mabus that will start WWIII, or it will some how bring about the war. ie a self fulfilling prophecy.

Anonymous said...

ok so here is what I have read and it seems to me that it makes sense let me know what you think? Obamabush= Mabus Obama's advisor is Ray Mabus, Nas said that in the 42nd power of Mabus is when things will happen, ok that's 5 1/2 months until the Mayan calender ends right and the bible and nas say that the world will end with world war III. Nas was right about the trade center. So to break it down.
Happened world trade center
Happened Mabus
Mayan calender (don't know not time yet)
bible (don't know yet) some day
so 2 out of 4 and that's because it's not time yet scary to think about though.....

Anonymous said...

When Mabus dies there will be a racial uprising for vengeance of they're supposed savior. Not the Antichrist, but a pivotal point.