Nostradamus about McCain against Obama: The elder one to be trusted

See, when Barack Obama was up in the polls he only knew to soon lose all his advantage. When John McCain was down he knew to win anyway, by creativity and some smart moves. That is their proven difference in experience. And it is exactly what Nostradamus said in his prophecy as people start to trust the more experienced guy: »The least part doubtful for the elder one« means within the prediction that the majority won't trust the young and inexperienced.

Even the bookmakers have to rethink towards reality as odds go down: McCain 2.20, Obama 1.61 now.

Nostradamus predicted McCain & CoTo chose Sarah Palin was probably not the last genius strike John McCain will have to offer within those last sixty days of his campaign, a fact that marks him as the responsible leader who doesn't care too much about his ego where a more common success is needed.

Slowly but surely 'rock star' Barack Obama's lipstick is coming off with every bad decision, and by now even his vice president candidate Joe Biden knows to admit: »Hillary Clinton would've been the better pig pick.«

At the end America will vote for the elder one as predicted by Nostradamus, no doubt about it.

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Roger said...

I totally agree. I will be voting for McCain.