President over Antichrist: Nostradamus predicts McCain over Obama and Mabus

With and despite all political internet rumors whether B. Hussein Obama or his friend Ray Mabus is possibly the third Antichrist, and after an adventurous digression into the world of prophecy between Nostradamus's predictions and the possibility of a first black or female U.S. president in 2008, this weblog has come more and more closer to its ultimate goal in politics: It seems fair to say that John McCain has never before been so close to actually win the 2008 presidential election race, where growing Republican support for him builds up.

As I predicted time ago, the Democrats and their politicians are still far away from having an official nominee (with Hillary doing some serious catch-up 1st week of March, 3 out of 4, just watch it!) and John McCain hasn't yet announced his running mate to be for the general election. And as we watch the Democratic candidates to further weaken each other in their internal warfare, open ends allow John McCain to not name the next U.S. Vice President of his taste.

On the Democratic side there is a possibility of a seemingly strong Obama/Clinton or Clinton/Obama ticket, a no-brainer that only a weird ego can destroy (Obama?); their party will not want to drop either one of them, I guess, never mind who in the end gets the nomination: Barack Hussein Obama can add experience with Bill's Hillary and Hillary's Bill to his account (economy, predictable crash on Wall Street, e.g.) while the Clintons will get Obama's enthusiastic crouds and his fundraising abilities to their common advantage. One way or the other they will be a strong opponent to beat. Maybe too strong - thats why they might never together exist?

For the over all win of the 2008 U.S. Presidency bookmakers have marked Barack Hussein Obama as their favorite in bets, with odds that seem too small to be too good. Like early in the run for the Republican nomination John McCain is the underdog again, and I see great opportunities to earn just another bag of money. Nothing in the latest developements did in any way contradict my prognose, but only strengthened its chances, as I see it.


Civilized Kid said...

This whole Obama thing is getting on my nerves and I'm watching it by now with very mixed feelings.

Somehow I get the feeling things might go totally wrong once he and his wife Michelle sit in the White House. Why isn't he putting some political plans on the table for everybody to see and learn about? Why isn't he debating openly and a lot? Is that too much of change to ask about already? Call me a coward, but I don't trust the guy anymore (if I ever did).

Difficult times ahead, I guess. And even though everybody says the Somalian muslim costume is not disturbing, it is a lot - and I can't figure out why everybody makes a show like it wouldn't be. I think people are lying about it, and I wouldn't be too surprised if Hillary gets some votes more than predicted in polls. (I don't do drugs.)

A. Michael Bussek said...

Well, who can blame ya, Kid... for not taking drugs?!

Best regards! ;-)

Apostel said...

That picture that leaked in papers of Barack, who's name is so close to Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden, dressed up in that Somali outfit is just the beginning. If he thinks the Clintons are trying to smear him, just wait til McCain's people get their hands on him: There will be blood.

I do not care what the polls say, Hillary can beat McCain, but Barack Obama Hussein can't; no way. And Nader in the mix just about cinches that.

Stay tuned!

Civilized Kid said...

Nostradamus antichrist prophecies better are to be wrong, I guess. Last thing we need is more trouble, right?! Obama, Mabus and whoever shouldn't even try...