Nostradamus, Obama and McCain in final faceoff: Prediction!

Despite Nostradamus' presidential prediction: Obama and McCain to debate in final faceoff

Europe's finest media tells readers that John McCain needs to turn it all around in his last anti-Obama debate tonight. And Europe's lefties read it with a smile. Such "news" come to them like a long awaited pudding vanielle... every four years!

Or as John McCain says it: "We got them just where we want them."

Before everything else let me tell you as a kind of political statement on this very non-political blog that I don't like people who are driven by hatred, especially not when they're grown, experienced men and in politics, and Jesse Jackson said today: Under Obama, U.S. will rid itself of `Zionist` control. This guy better don't raise my kids. And I wouldn't like to see him served with an election result of his taste. Same goes to radical muslims. No sympathies from me.

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