Presidential prediction: Barack Obama's way to John McCain's victory

If you don't like the above picture then please ignore it - I just found it and put it here anyway, maybe only for history's reasons.

There are new names out there in the campaigns, some you might not even have heart about yet and even is overwhelmed: Joe the plumber we all know by now, but does Michael Signator ring any bell? For sure you don't know how he looks since there is no picture of him existing while he just made it search engines' most searched name ever. Who he is? He is as much close to Barack Obama as Joe W has ever been far away from him, but on the other side there is not one photo of Michael Signator available to the same media that shows Joe W 24/7. Senator Barack Obama wants to keep his closest of all friends a secret at least until the presidential election is over, even though in his book Obama felt the need to write about that guy. Read for yourself if you haven't yet or read it (with updates) again: 'Mystery' man lends support to Obama

Have you seen John McCain getting more energetic in his speeches, with lots of fresh wind? "Road to victory"! He's looking good, and I didn't say that before.

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