US President predictions and odds

While Rasmussen's poll watch reports data that gives John McCain an 88.7% chance of winning the Republican nomination, leaving Mitt Romney at 9.8%: I have added today a link to this blog about all updated Vice President betting odds for open bets concerning the ongoing 2008 Presidential race in the USA. But I still can't find any bookmaker's offer about VP odds and the next US Vice President to be chosen - there are simply no such bets available yet, despite all existing VP predictions.

EDIT: All updated Vice President Betting Odds

In the same context there aren't many serious predictions around on who will be America's next Vice President. Sure, in some online discussions one can find opinions about who should be McCain's VP (Vice President), but that is actually far away from predicting. Those discussions are of a fairly calm nature, I must say, and often not more than a couple of monologues; to be honest I don't even know most of the named politicians there. However, Condoleeza Rice gets mentioned quite a few times as she would serve women and black voters in one person.
The bookmakers will love her and her vice president odds, I guess: as a trap. I would really like to see some bookmakers' odds by now.

Here we go, bookmakers' odds are finally in; these odds come directly from Las Vegas and certainly will move around a lot in coming days, weeks and months - here is an always updated LINK that keeps live connection to the betting market for 2008 presidential elections in U.S. of America - good luck to all!


NIck said... have a market open on next Vice President.

nick said...

I should add that if you are serious about betting you surely must be aware of the site?!? They pioneered the betting exchange format and are easily the biggest betting site (turnover) on the net these days.
I don`t work for them btw..

A. Michael Bussek said...

I talk about bookmakers' odds and you come up with Betfair?

Well, well: How is the weather in Bahamas?

nick said...

Lovely and warm down here thanks...You tell me what price you want on Giuliani and I`ll put a few $$ up or are you so horrified by Betfair that you don`t even have an account with em?

Anonymous said...

There are only two golden rules in betting: Have a trusted bookmaker and the right pick.

Nothing else really matters.

"If you are serious about betting" doesn't sound too sophisticated to me. Going by the two golden rules I pointed out everybody makes money, not only "the serious".

(Nice blog here.Very different to say the least.)

Anonymous said...

a respected British bookmaker Victor Chandler is betting on next vice president and offers 40/1.
more than triple the odds you quote above!

A. Michael Bussek said...

Victor Chandler is a good one indeed and these are very fine odds for sure - thank you!

However: offers Rudy Giuliani for 21/1 now.

GoldenBoy said... are cool and trusted. I can't help it, I like their Las Vegas flair. :-)

- - -

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Good luck to all!

A. Michael Bussek said...

Okay, enough already with this nonsense - what's wrong with you guys?

This is a personal prediction weblog, not a betting site - show some respect, at least to yourself.

Thank you so very, very much.

Anonymous said...

Predictions of the next president are around since before campaigns started and only a few survived where finally Obama and McCain are the last two standing. But how come the bookmakers' odds have a clear favorite despite all polls?

Sigi Freud said...

Money for free: John McCain odds 6.00, go get $ome! :-)