Prediction for U.S. VP Showdown Debate

When tonight at 9pm ET Sarah Palin meets her opponent Joe Biden in their vice presidential debate we'll see two poker players at the table, going head-to-head: She has not too many chips left, he is looking to take the finish in record time. Ask some pros: This might go very wrong for Mr. Joe Biden!

One of the first poker lessons I learnt was that poker is 30% luck, even for a 100% idiot. Next thing I remember is that George W. Bush lost all debates but always won his elections. So how much is there really to beat for Joe Biden? And how easy could he lose all his stake for nothing?

Pew Research CenterWhatever the felt pressure for each of both candidates in tonight's vice presidential debate, it will not be a fair round, cannot be: Because Joe Biden only has to present himself as an acceptable second man to a potential next American leader, but Sarah Palin will have to show that she could be is qualified to serve as U.S. president her very self, thanks to John McCain's assumed low life expectancy. Nothing wrong with that, is it? Is it?

So what is it going to be in a few hours time from now where Nostradamus didn't leave us a direct clue? Joe Biden, the guy with most of the chips in his hands, will lose feathers, and hockey mom Sarah Palin will throw anything and everything on him to win this round by a late knockout - she doesn't have any other chance; and so don't we. May the force be with her!


John Smith said...

Joe Biden just needs to be blasted on Barack Obama's tax plans - that should be enough for now and until ever.

I guess Sarah Palin will deliver everything that Jon McCain left out in his debate last week.

A. Michael Bussek said...

@John Smith
Looks very much like you were right; cheers!