Another boost for predicted President McCain

predicted President John McCain
As former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney drops out of the 2008 U.S. presidential election race, »suspending his campaign«, there is no doubt anymore: John McCain is the Republican nominee for the general elections. That finally takes my prediction officially a huge step forward while Hillary Rodman Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama are still out there for a longer qualification fight, internal warfare that is, just to cost each other a few more feathers, I guess... until April.

U.S. Democrats, as enthusiastic as they're campaigning, must be a bit jealous to see the Republicans settle their nomination in unity and early without messing around too much.

shake handsAs for Mitt Romney, who served the best news possible to John McCain, Nostradamus and me today, I must admit he impressed me a lot. Not only as a look-a-like candidate to former U.S. President George H. W. Bush, but also as a politician, a campaigner and the gentleman he is. However, he isn't the predicted and therefore can't be president for now; so sorry. But: I will very much consider him for any future prediction, I might in fact start to design a prediction weblog for him right away, if you excuse me...

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sandman said...

are mitt and father bush genetically related somehow?
do the research already!

they indeed got the same forehead and form of face. and when you watch em talking they have the same body language as well.