Bush: McCain is a ‘true conservative’

President Bush said today that there is »no doubt« in his mind that presumptive Republican presidential nominee Senator John McCain is a »true conservative.«
»I know his convictions. I know the principles that drive him,« Bush said in an interview with Fox News Sunday, adding, »Look, he’s very strong on national defense. He’s tough fiscally. He believes that tax cuts ought to be permanent. He’s pro-life. I mean… his principles are sound and solid as far as I’m concerned.«

However, Bush acknowledged that the Arizona senator »has got some convincing to do to convince people that he is a solid conservative.« The president, who has not taken sides in the nominating contest, added that he would help John McCain make that case to conservatives, if the senator is chosen to carry the party’s banner.

»Primaries tend to divide up the parties, and there’s a period of time in which the candidate who is in the process of becoming the leader of a party must work to bring as much of the party together as possible,« Bush said. »That’s just the normal course of primary politics.«

(Source: TheHill.com)

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