Mike Huckabee costs them dearly

Only a few weeks ago Mike Huckabee was the funny religious guy who may well drop out first, surely before McCain who himself then might become Giuliani's Vice President. Now look where we really stand. Shouldn't some analytic journalists be robbed of their pencils and go back to school? They haven't been right in any point they wrote and we read about. Yet they sold their products and made good money anyway. In other industries heads would roll, not so in the media.

So now we're stucked with these commentators, and in addition with Mike Huckabee, for another while.
But what is the big fuss about the Reverand with the lisence to baptize anyone? If in the end he can't do any harm because he really can't win it all, as we're promised, so why the effort to not count what needs to be counted, like in Washington, e.g.?
Why all that downplay Mike Huckabee would just have the time of his life and great fun, but soon he will quit? I don't see the man having too much fun, do you? In fact lately I don't see him laughing at all while he vows to stay »until someone has 1,191 delegates« finally. And how about his campaign who worked for enthusiasm instead of payments - was it all just for temporary fun? Don't they know where the next Disney-World is located?

Whatever it is, John McCain's people are getting nervous, some of them even a lot. And they repeat over and over that Huckabee doesn't have a chance. Well, he doesn't. So why getting nervous anyway?

My guess is that just like Rudy Giuliani the Republican front-runner John McCain is holding back some nice sums of campaign money he doesn't want to spend on upcoming primaries. He is saving up to bring it into the general election race, tens of millions probably all together and legally, as I should point out. And a stubbern Mike Huckabee costs him now dearly, while it is not too easy anymore to just pump in new money. Even a Karl Rove couldn't contribute to McCain more than his $2,300 on the last weekend, which equals the maximum amount an individual is permitted to contribute under Federal Election Commission rules. Just the fact how Karl Rove did donate his obolus right at this time of John McCain's campaign may show where the real problem with Huckabee lays, even before Hillary or/and Obama come into play.

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