With Nostradamus 2008 between predictions and true US Presidents

The front-runners for the general presidential race seem to be elected as predicted, even though the race is far from over yet, thanks to procedures and those who don't want to have it otherwise. Most votes in primaries and caucuses to help select Democratic and Republican nominees for president are in and trends are hard to ignore. Some do so anyway. Winners are afraid to be mistaken somehow and losers too much in desperate hope. But one fact nobody can deny: John McCain is the big winner so far, untouchable I would say. Am I just lucky that Master Nostradamus endorsed my prediction about the next US President just in time, somewhen between 1555 and 2008?
Whatever one thinks about Nostradamus's prophecy I wish he would've tipped us off a bit for a Vice President prediction - but he didn't, not with a single line or word.

Back to Super-Tuesday: Who else was super besides John McCain, Nostradamus and me? The Clintons did their part I guess, not giving me a reason to change yesterday's mind. But not all are so very satisfied with themselves and some of those aren't at all worth to be listened to today, I guess. Take for example Michael Medved's column in USA TODAY, which I just had to skip to not read it all. He started with »The only safe prediction about campaign 2008 is that no prediction is safe« and it didn't sound like the smallest chance for a Happy End; maybe I read it later.
Next I skipped was Lindsey Boerma; she still asks herself who would make the front-runner for the Democrats, just to answer it under her »superprediction«-url with »My opinion? It won’t be Clinton.« Oh well. Let her be right or wrong, who cares - checking with my blog's subject I must admit it is really not of my business, is it?!

So as for now I'm only happy with front-runner John McCain: Elected as predicted, next please! Which brings me back to the Vice President candidates - there are still no bookmakers' odds available when it comes to decent bets on the 2008 US Vice President as good things seem to take their time.

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My prediction: This Nostradamus 2008 prophecy will be a classic!